Let's find out why people say that fear has big eyes

There are in any language so-called sustainableexpression. They are good for imagery and clarity for most people. And how come these beautiful phrases in their expressiveness? For example, why is it said that fear has eyes large? Have you tried to understand this statement? Or just with pleasure screw it in the right place? Let's try to understand what is hidden in it.

why they say that fear has big eyes

Business in eyes wide?

Everyone must have fallen into a situation where the willcompletely paralyzed by horror. And others in such an unpleasant state have seen. The eyes, as is customary, at this moment, in addition to the will, swing open, threatening to get out of the orbits. And you ask why they say that fear has big eyes. There is in this expression a certain physiological moment. However, it is secondary. Because eyes bulge people in other situations. For example, in moments of surprise, they literally climb on the forehead. This happens even more likely than when a person experiences horror. Hence, it's not entirely in physiology with features of facial expressions. Yes, and the classics of literature about the same write. They argue that the expression "fear has eyes big" meaning has a deeper meaning. There is another cliché associated with this stable expression. It is said that the fear of the eye will catch you. If the word combinations are considered together, then it will be possible to reach the depth of the meaning embedded in them.

the fear of the eye is great

Let's turn inside ourselves

It is proposed to find out why they say thatfears of the eyes are great, by examples. Remember the situation when you are seized by this negative feeling. It is recommended to break the situation into several moments. The first is getting news or entering the situation. Second: its own reaction. The third: finding out the reasons for its occurrence. Fourth: a comparison of reality and one's own relationship to it. If you do it yourself, then explain the meaning of the proverb "fear is big" will already be on a professional level.

Let's say a person was told at work thatthe boss is very angry. And after a few minutes this "tyrant" invited this worker to his place. His reaction: now he will scold (humiliate, fire, and so on). The poor guy is sweating, goes to his boss on his toes. And he just decided to clarify, for example, a couple of points from the report of this specialist. We talked and went our separate ways. Everything is fine. Now we apply the idiom to the situation: "fear has eyes big". The meaning of it, apparently, is that under the influence of this emotion a person exaggerates the danger. That is, in his head he is building horrific thought forms, but in fact, there is nothing of the kind. His perception is clouded by fear. He is not able to adequately perceive the information received.

the fear of the eye is great

When they say "fear has eyes big"

The meaning of this expression is widely used asin literature, and in oral speech, in order to emphasize the stated thought, to give it a figurative character. After all, we communicate at all levels. Words convey facts. They also give emotions to the listeners. Often for this, shades of intonation are used, exclamations. And in difficult cases resort to stable expressions. They help to achieve the planned effect, the necessary level of reaction, the correctness of the listener's perception of what they are trying to convey. In our case, this expression emphasizes the incorrectness of a person's reaction to an event or news. It is skewed towards the negative. Or, in another way, a person has lost for a while adequate to perceive reality. However, this is the second side of the coin, soon everything will change.

The phrase does not state that the clouding of the eyeswill last a long time. On the contrary. There is in it some hint of the fragility of this state of affairs. Here's an example for you. An ordinary citizen who listens to news, as a rule, negatively perceives them. They try to convince him that the country is falling apart, everything is going awry. However, such news stories are pouring from the screens for decades. And the country does not "fall apart" in any way. And the power does not depend on the reaction of the viewer. But his nervous system, on the contrary, is very afflicted. Therefore, it is worth remembering sayings. Folk wisdom, used for its intended purpose, prolongs life!

the meaning of the proverb in fear of the eye is great


We have tried to understand whysay that fear has eyes large. The expression is voluminous and multifaceted. But the sense of its stability and popularity, it seems, is in imagery. After all, most people understand what's in it, intuitively, without meticulous investigation and tedious explanations. The charm of the Russian language, as they say, in the examples!