Andalusian horse: character, suit, photo

The Andalusian breed of horses is the most famous andpopular in Spain. In the XVI - XVIII centuries, it received worldwide recognition. Andalusian horses were in the stables of many European noblemen and monarchs. Representatives of this breed were quite deservedly considered suitable for military operations and for solemn parades.

Andalusian horse

From the beginning of the XIX century it was widely recognizedpurebred English horse. A new era has come: the Andalusian horse (the photo you can see in our article) was no longer so in demand, its fame and popularity began to decline. Hippodromes have replaced arenas, the famous Spanish riding school has faded into the background. Somehow the old good traditions were preserved only in Saumur and Vienna.

Return of the Andalusians

For many years the Andalusian horse was forgotten -until the very end of the 20th century. By that time, the use of a horse in agriculture had given way to entertainment and sports. Horse breeders had an interest in new, as well as preserved, but forgotten breeds. Today they are called, "Baroque breeds": Andalusian, Lippitian, Lusitanian, Frisian, Kladrubian.

In the countries of America and Europe began to organizesociety of breeders and lovers of Andalusian breed. Today, these animals can be found in France, Italy, the UK. Over 300 magnificent representatives of this ancient breed are registered in Germany.

Andalusian breed of horses

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Andalusian breed of horses, photo of the bestrepresentatives of which often print special editions, has an average height - at the withers not more than 1.6 m. The deep, compact, round and broad body somewhat resembles the oriental stallions of the Arabian type. Andalusian horse is more massive, in comparison with the current riding horses. A beautiful, high set long and wide neck, which has a distinctive bend and a well-developed crest.

Representatives of the breed have a few hunchbackedhead is not too large, with large almond-shaped eyes. Stresses the beauty and elegance of the Andalusians falling on the forehead of a bang. The legs of these horses are not very long, bony, light and thin. They end with strong and reliable hoofs. Luxurious thick and long mane and tail - an integral decoration of animals and the pride of the owners of Andalusian horses.

Everyone who has seen this horse move,will agree - this is a completely unique and, without a doubt, a bright spectacle. Their progress is very high by nature - it seems that the Andalusian dances. When it moves trot, the front legs easily rise to the level of the chest.

Andalusian Horse Photo

The center of gravity of these animals is somewhat shifted tohind limbs. The front part of the trunk is raised. This makes the horse mobile, his movements acquire a certain picturesqueness and majesty. Such a harmonious combination of pretentious splendor with ease in movement - characteristic features for all horses of Spanish breeds, which are priority in this country.

It is difficult to say that Andalusians today canto make a serious competition to half-blooded horses in modern equestrian sport - the high unproductive movements of these handsome men are not suitable for jumping, triathlon and dressage.

Despite this, the number of fans of thisThe ancient breed does not shrink, but grows steadily from year to year. And this is because the Andalusian horse is a living story, the most valuable part of the cultural heritage, which can be compared to a work of art, the greatest creation of Mother Nature.

Andalusian horse: character

They are obedient, kind and industrious animals. They are easy and, what is very important, willingly trained and trained. For this reason, Andalusians often become participants in circus performances. These are fast, smart, majestic horses, which, undoubtedly, is their big advantage.

Andalusian black horse

Andalusian has a proud character, he is sensitive and intelligent, sensitive and responsive, provided that he is respected and cared for.


The main farm for breeding this breed is the equestrian war factory in Andalusia.

Today, these animals are bred by many privatebreeders in Spain, but most of the entire population is in Andalusia. The Spaniards are proud of their national breed, they call it "Nuestro Caballo" - "our horse". All sorts of competitions, rings-broods, equestrian holidays and exhibitions-fairs are regularly held in the country.

The Andalusians call in at 3-3.5 years. It has been a centuries-old tradition of Spanish dressage, which has remained unchanged until our days. The purpose of these exercises is to achieve an ideal balance and subordination of the animal. The horse should become mobile and flexible, unquestioningly carry out the commands of the rider. An ideally prepared horse can be seen on the bullfight. To save from the terrible horns of a mad bull, she must be exceptionally dexterous, agile, understand the commands of her rider from a half-word. Such animals obey the slightest movement of the hull and obey the rider even without reins. Preparation takes an average of 6 years.

It should be noted that the Andalusian horsedoes not get a greenhouse education at all - in the Spanish horse plants, the mare is in the pastures almost all year round. Often they cut their tails and manes so that they do not get confused in the bush.

Andalusian horse breed photo


Currently, the Andalusian horseIt demonstrates to the whole world its extraordinary universality, carried through the ages. Such important qualities of the Andalusian breed as athleticism, strength of good temperament and impulsiveness, are the main characteristics of these animals.

This majestic horse is an indispensable participant in competitions in jumping, dressage-driving - (both sports and amateur), trail, riding in the style of western and classic style.

It is impossible not to note the Andalusian beauty as an incomparable show-horse. In Portugal and Spain, the Andalusian demonstrates courage, ingenuity and agility in the face of a ferocious bull in the arena.

Without a doubt, this is a wonderful familyhorse. So not every animal can understand and love a person. Wherever there is an Andalusian, whatever he does, he shows his proud, independent, and at the same time kind character.

Andalusian horse character

It is a strong, fast and hardy horse, movementswhich differ dynamism, which has a relief and a picturesque course. The perfect "model" of the higher school, always set the exact pattern of movements for the horse and the necessary landing for the rider.

Andalusz belongs to the famous founder of the Foundermany other breeds. In European countries, his blood flows in the veins of such species as lipizzano, nonius, lusitano, alter-rial, Oldenburg, Hannover, Holstein, Cleveland bay, Welsh cob, Connemara, Oryol trotter, frieze, old Normand, Hackne. The horse, brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus, had a huge influence on the formation of all American breeds.

Andalusian horse: suits

In the past, horses of this breed were peculiarvarious suits. Now it is mostly gray or bay. Andalusian black horse - today is a rarity. The most common is the gray suit (80%). Much less common are bay, solo, red, isabellum, and balan. It is worth recalling that these horses do not exist in white suits, therefore, the word "gray suit" is most often used to mean white individuals.

Interesting Facts

With Andalusian marks, manysuperstitions. Mostly it concerns the white spots and curls on the horse's body - they were used to determine how much this animal is lucky. If there were no white marks at all, it was believed that such a horse is of a bad character, it will be difficult to work with it.

Andalusian horse suits

The presence of white marks told the owner that the horse has a good, complaisant character, it is kind and loyal.

Curls on the body of the animal could alsointerpreted in different ways. It was considered a big drawback when they were in places that the horse could not see - on the head, in the heart or on the neck.