What is a contradiction? How to identify it and whether it is necessary to fight it?

Have you ever entered into a dispute with a person,which adheres to the diametrically opposite point of view? Hence, we have experienced a particular case of contradiction. Was it difficult to prove your case? Certainly impossible. And what is a contradiction in the general sense? Why is it necessary and how to cope with it? Let's try to understand.

that such a contradiction

What is a contradiction?

This concept is used in logic, judicialpractice, relationships, sciences and many more where. About the fact that such a contradiction, they write in textbooks, practitioners try to explain the meaning of this word to clients. In fact, everything is easiest to understand by example. Take it from the usual school program. You studied physics, remember mechanics? This discipline describes the interaction of motionless and moving objects. So, during the study we come across contradictions. There is static and movement. These are mutually exclusive concepts within the specified discipline. If the object is worth, then it does not move, and vice versa. We repeat: this is true only within the framework of ordinary mechanics. Other sciences consider bodies from a different point of view, in an extended coordinate system, where this contradiction is unimportant or completely absent. Another example: two friends are going to play. The first suggested listening to music, the second - silence. At the same time, it is impossible to do both. Now it is clear that such a contradiction? These are mutually exclusive concepts, opinions or phenomena.

development of contradictions

Philosophical meaning

Let's look a little deeper. Contradictions exist not only in the sciences, but also in society. Here they manifest themselves a little differently, or rather, acquire a different meaning. It's all about the amazing and amazing variety of the world. Mankind gives rise to various ideas. Sometimes they come across, or rather people who profess these views, come into conflict. For example, the proletariat and the bourgeoisie could not be reconciled, all the last century proved to each other that they were right. The workers did not want to give up the power to the owners of production, but they had no opportunity to give up labor. The development of contradictions between the two classes led to revolutionary events, bloodshed. But they did not arise by the will of people, but in a natural way.

The development of technology has led to the fact that some peoplebecame the owners of the productive forces. There were not many of them. And the majority needed work to get money to support families. Initially, this state of affairs seemed promising, as it allowed the society to develop. But inequality of people led to a contradiction between large groups. If we look at the problem more broadly, we are dealing with two opposites, which condition and deny each other at the same time.

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Contradiction in Logic

Science always seeks to find the truth. Some try to prove their correctness experimentally, others use logical methods. They express an idea, taking it as a postulate. Then a thought is formed, the opposite of the first, antagonistic to it. To come to the truth, around this pair of ideas are built logical constructions, the purpose of which is to prove one or another position. That is, scientists, using their own and others' achievements, conduct a discussion, trying to compare the logical bases that justify mutually exclusive statements. Ideally, if they do not make mistakes, they eventually come to the truth. By the way, contradictions in society have a sacred meaning. If they were absent, then we would probably still hunt mammoths and collect fruits. The presence of contradictions leads to the evolutionary or revolutionary development of mankind. The same can be said about science. Often the most important discoveries occur when theories reveal contradictions.

contradictions in society

In a relationship

Everyone has his own view of life,their priorities, habits and the like. Two people only try to please each other at first. This period is called candy-bouquet. Over time, there are controversial issues. One is freezing at home, the other is hot. And they live in the same apartment. But this, of course, is a trifle. It is much more important to understand in the relationship whether there is a contradiction between two people of principle. They arise when people have different ideological foundations. For example, one is brought up in the family of believers and considers natural things such as compassion, the need to share and help one's neighbor. A person can not even imagine that one can treat others differently. The partner, however, professes cynical views. He proceeds from the fact that everyone is for himself. Therefore, the desire to help one's neighbor is perceived as stupidity or strangeness. Moreover, we will repeat, everyone does not analyze world outlook bases, since he does not know others. Naturally, they will often argue about how to act. Often people can not understand each other and part, although they do not cease to love.

contradictions in the family

Is it necessary to fight?

Of course, it is extremely unpleasant to run intocontradictions. But we must remember that they demonstrate the diversity of the world. As a rule, contradictions are opposite sides of one phenomenon or process. They complement and emphasize each other, pushing those who encounter them, to development, improvement. And is it not for this that we come to our beautiful world?