Lora Prepon: biography, acting career and personal life

Laura Prepon is an American actress who appeared in the comedy series "Show of the Seventies". Participant of the Scientology movement.

Lora Prepon


Was born on March 7, 1980 in a small townWatchung, in the state of New Jersey. Her father, an orthopedic surgeon, was a Russian Jew, and her mother, an Irish Catholic, worked as a teacher. In the family, in addition to Laura, four more children grew up. Laura was the youngest.

She graduated from school in her town of Watschung. For a long time she was engaged in dances (ballet) and sports (she played football), from the early years she dreamed of being an actress. At the age of fifteen, the girl, due to her appearance and growth, tried herself as a model, performing on the podium in Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo.

Lora Prepon

After graduating from school, Laura Prepon went to New York. There she studied acting in the theater. In 1997, the debut of a seventeen-year-old girl took place in the cinema. Then Laura played in the opera "They continue." The young actress was noticed and invited to the "Seventies Show" project, which later became very popular. After that, she was awarded a prize in the nominations "Best Breakthrough of the Year" and "Best Actress".


The show "Shaw" tells about severalseventeen-year-olds. One of the main roles, Donna Pansiotti, was played by Lora Prepon. The filmography of the actress has many films and more than a dozen serials.

During the shooting of the sitcom Laura managed to star in the movie "Carla". There she owned the main role. The girl tried herself and as a TV presenter.

Laura Prepon movieography

Later, Lora Prepon again won a major role in the drama "The Road to Autumn", released on the ABC channel.

Then the roles went one by one. The actress starred in "The Chosen One", "Come Early", "Kitchen". One of the last works of Laura was the film "Girl on the train."

Laura occasionally starred in such well-known TV series as Castle, Doctor House and How I Met Your Mother.

Since 2013, he starred in the popular TV series "Orange - hit the season." Critics positively assessed the work of Laura. Awarded the prize "Sputnik" for the best female role of the second plan.

Personal life

Little is known about Laura's life outside the screen. Since 2000, she has been in a relationship with American actor Christopher Mastersen. The couple intended to play a wedding, but in 2007 they decided to part ways, after which the actress had a deep depression.

After the release of the series "Orange" for a long time, rumors spread that Laura and Tom Cruise had a novel. But, as the actors themselves say, they are just good friends.

Lora Prepon is one of the young Hollywood stars. We hope that the actress will continue her way to popularity and fame.