Monuments: a variety of solutions

The search for grave monument is recommendedbegin as soon as possible after burial. This will allow you to order a model that corresponds to existing wishes and financial possibilities, as well as choose the manufacturer that will offer the most affordable price and the optimum quality of the finished product. With the development of the Internet, many workshops for the production of tombstones began to present examples of their products on their own resources. Such a trend allows you to choose the right option in the shortest possible time.

Studying the submitted Online assortment, it is necessary to evaluate 3 key parameters:

  • cost;
  • visual characteristics and form complexity;
  • using material.

Types and features of monuments

Most of the products produced by qualified workshops can be divided into the following groups:

  • Classical rectangular.

Simplicity of lines and simple geometry look laconic and impressive. Such models have an average cost.

  • Economy class.

The most accessible kind, differing simplicity of forms. Despite the low price, the quality of the material and processing is kept at a consistently high level.

  • Standard models.

The most popular options in a wideassortment presented on the site of any workshop. A distinctive feature of such gravestones is the minimum number of decorative elements. Often, the upper edge of standard designs has an asymmetric shape (wave or bevel).

  • Premium monuments.

Richly decorated items of complex shape. Often in them a classical plate is replaced with a cross or a small statue. The cost of premium models exceeds standard analogues, but they look more majestic and impressive.

  • Author's works.

The most expensive facilities representingare works of art. The production of such tombstones is performed by the best and most experienced masters. Author's compositions are supplemented with tables, benches or stone fences.

Considering the gravestones presented on the site,pay attention to the materials used during production. Ordering the monument to the grave, special attention should be paid to products made of granite. This is due to their durability and affordable cost. Some manufacturers have their own quarries.

Among the most sought-after solutions is themarble. It should be noted that the cost of such options is higher than granite analogs. Despite the lower durability, this material is easy to process and allows you to create unique, beautifully executed sculptures.