Lyudmila Marchenko (actress): photo, biography, personal life, cause of death

Talent does not die - he continues to live increativity: in roles, in images. It is these words that I want to start a story about the life of actress Lyudmila Marchenko. She was delicious, charming, gentle, but so unhappy. Her fate is "this is a tango of a white moth." Tragic, but impudent.

Happy Start

Lyudmila Marchenko is an actress, who not only had a charming appearance. She was very talented, but only to fully demonstrate her talent, she simply was not given.

In her youth, all girlfriends envied her, and the boysinvoluntarily looked at the fragile beauty. However, she, as a child cherishing the dream of an acting career, was preparing hard for the final exams. After graduation she went to several theater schools. And everything was accepted. Lyuda opted for the VGIK and two months later she got an offer from the famous Lev Kulidzhanov to star in "Fatherland House", which, of course, she agreed with consent.

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The film was released on the screen 19-year-old LyudmilaMarchenko's famous. The army of admirers has increased. There was among her boyfriends Ivan Pyryev, who by that time was chairman of the Union of Cinematographers, director of Mosfilm, a deputy of the Supreme Council. Falling in love as a boy, the venerable director approved Lyudmila for the role of Nastenka in the movie "White Nights". He was sure that, being immensely grateful, a young inexperienced actress would agree to much ...

actress lyudmila marchenko personal life

Persistence or obsession?

Pyryev became a frequent guest of the apartment in DemidovLane, which he took for Lyudmila. Through all his actions, he demonstrated that he is the master of not only housing, but also the lodger. Realizing this, L. Marchenko moved to live with her relatives (mother and sister). But this did not stop the persistent director. Lyudmila Marchenko, an aspiring actress, was very afraid of provoking the wrath of her high-ranking official. Therefore, neither "yes" nor "no" answered, hoping that his enthusiasm will pass. But it was not here. Piryev's perseverance gradually developed into an obsession. He no longer from anyone did not hide his feelings for the young actress, and it was increasingly soldered in noisy companies, hoping that under the influence of alcohol, she finally surrender. Lyuda understood that the situation was heating up. All acquaintances vied with each other to agree to the claim of Pyriev, because he was known as cruel and rancorous and, if he wished, could ruin Ludmila's life. But Marchenko could not cross through disgust, because Ivan Pyryev was the same age as her grandfather, and also the husband of Luda's favorite actress, Marina Ladynina.

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Even the representatives of the Central Committee of the Party could not influencestubborn director. He said that this girl was his last love and he can not work without it. After that, no one could influence him.

Ludmila's refusal caused such an explosion of emotions in him that he seriously decided to ruin Ludmila's life.

First marriage

Marchenko Ludmila - an actress, certainly outstanding, was left almost without work, because without the "command" of Ivan Pyriev to invite her to act, no one dared.

Soon she married. Her husband, a student of MGIMO, Vladimir Verbenko, loved his wife, but was jealous madly. And the rumors about the enamored director, who walked all over Moscow, even more excited him. He did not let her go to work. Arranged terrible scenes, scandals.

lyudmila marchenko actress
Not afraid of the anger of a high-rankingauthorities, Alexander Zarkhi proposed L. Marchenko role in the film "My younger brother." Filming took place in the Baltics. Pyryev, still hoping that Luda would change his mind, periodically appeared on the court, as if recalling that her life was in his hands. Sometimes my husband came. Once they collided, and Vladimir Verbenko, wrongly assessing the presence of Pyriev, collected things and left his wife.

Unfaithful Natasha Rostov

Pyryev knocked out for Lyudmila a cooperative apartment ina house built especially for actors. He often went to visit her, continuing to persuade her to marry him. It was at this time that Pyryev wrote the script of "War and Peace." Ludmila, he promised the role of Natasha Rostov. Having received another refusal, he passed work on the script Bondarchuk.

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New love and new pain

Soon Lyudmila got acquainted with ValentinBerezin. He held a high position in the exploration party, was a well-off man. Becoming his civil wife, Lyudmila Marchenko, an actress who still dreamed of banal female happiness, could not even imagine what a fateful role this man will play in her destiny.

Knowing many representatives of the Moscow bohemia,Berezin often heard gossip about his wife and the famous director. Being a suspicious and unbalanced person, he did not understand that most of the rumors became non-existent in the course of the discussion. He began to make sudden checks, interrogations. Once, after listening to "dirty" conversations, he broke off and pounced on Lyudmila. He did not just beat her up, he maimed and disfigured, not only health, but life as well.

When aggression receded, he took her to the hospital,saying that he had done this himself. Berezin invented a legend that she was in an accident. Strangely enough, but Lyudmila confirmed this version, but everyone understood that this was the brutality of Berezin's hands.

Stranger child

Doctors could save Lyudmila, but her face,disfigured by a cruel jealous, now forever covered with scars. Scared Valentine tried to stay with his wife all the time, fearing that she could tell anyone about the true circumstances of what had happened. He pretended that he was very sorry for his deed, he asked for forgiveness. And she forgave.

But a new shock awaited her. In 1968, Lyudmila learns that Berezin has another family, a child is growing up. This betrayal, she forgave physical violence, could not bear. She collected the things of a civil husband and kicked him out. Perhaps she was so hurt, because she herself could not have children.

His pain, the actress Lyudmila Marchenko, whose personal life brought her only misfortunes, began to drown out drinking.

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Loneliness and oblivion completely upset the morale of the actress. Disfigured and sick, it was not needed by anyone. She began to drink a lot.

She was helped by Vitaliy Voitenko, administratorMosconcert. He was able to get her out of the depression, organized concerts around the country. She traveled through the cities of the Soviet Union, but in every hall she caught not admiration, but pity, in the views of the audience. Then there was a breakdown, she refused to continue the trip, because every time she was asked the same question: "What are you working on now? Where are you currently shooting? ". And there was nothing to say.

Again, depression followed, in which there was a lot of alcohol, pain and tears.

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Behind a stone wall

Soon (in the same 1975) actress MarchenkoLudmila, whose biography is full of tragic and sad events, met Sergei Sokolov. He was also a creative person, famous as a talented graphic artist. Sergei fell in love with Lyudmila. Feelings were mutual. After a while they got married. Now the former actress became a housewife. She perfectly coped with the duties of the keeper of the family hearth: she kept the house in order, prepared Sunday meals ... For the first time in her life, Lyudmila was behind her husband, like behind a stone wall. It can not be said that she was absolutely happy. She lacked theater, cinema, and spectators. She wanted to prove herself in the work, but the people who met her on the path of life, broke her fate.

In July 1996, her husband L. Marchenko, artist Sergei Sokolov, had a heart attack, followed by a sudden death. This event shocked his wife. She could not imagine her future life alone. She again tried to find peace in alcohol.

Actress Lyudmila Marchenko (photo in the article) has survivedSergei Sokolov for exactly six months. Whether the hobby of alcohol shattered already weak health, or loneliness and longing for the only, truly loved her man, shortened her days. Be that as it may, on January 23, 1997, the delightful, unfairly forgotten Marchenko Lyudmila passed away. The actress whose cause of death is a banal flu. She intentionally launched the disease, did not take medicine, and asked her relatives not to come, so that they would not catch a cold. She could not imagine her life alone, she did not see the point in her. She left quietly and imperceptibly. To say goodbye to the once famous actress came only a few people.

Call from the past

After a while, there was a phone callin an apartment where Lyudmila Marchenko used to live, an actress who rejected a famous admirer and paid for it with her own happiness. The nephew of Lyudmila Vasilyevna picked up the pipe. This was called by a friend of youth L. Marchenko, Evgeni Peshkov. He did not see Lyudmila for almost half a century and did not know that she was no longer alive. The sister of the actress who picked up the receiver from her son, of course, remembered the student Zhenya Peshkov, who in the distant youth was in love with her sister Lyusya. Now the colonel, who was last war in Afghanistan, is married, has two children ... When he learned that Lyudmila Vasilyevna had died, he asked his sister where she was buried. Galina Vasilievna explained where the grave is located at the Vagankovskoye cemetery. And when Peshkov called again and said that he could not find the grave, he explained again. Only a few days later Galina Vasilyevna realized that because of the faded photo in the sun, it was impossible to recognize Lyudmila. Then she herself found the colonel's phone and called. It turned out that he could still find the place of the burial of L. Marchenko. Moreover, he and his wife ordered a marble monument and a shadow portrait. Of course, Galina Vasilyevna had no financial opportunity to do so.

I want to believe that there are still people left, likeColonel Yevgeny Peshkov, who did not forget what a talented person was Marchenko Lyudmila. The actress, whose grave is located on the 25th site of the Vagankovskoye cemetery, will forever remain in the memory of a strong, unshakable and principled woman who has lived a not too long, not too happy, but an honest life.