Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich: biography and photos

Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich - outstanding Russian scientist, teacher, political and public figure, diplomat. A man very educated and erudite. He has many awards, he is the author of a large number of scientific works.

About roots and childhood

On the eighteenth of September, 1938,light Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich. The nationality of his parents is the Tatars. But even in the nineteenth century the ancestors of Yagy (in particular, the grandfather who served in the Russian army) settled in the city on the Neva, so he considers himself a hereditary Petersburger.

The childhood years of the future scientist fell onmilitary hard times. The Yagya family was evacuated to Altai, where a small Vatanyar went to the first class. After the war, Yagy returned to Leningrad, and studies continued in school No. 73, in the Petrogradsky district.

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Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich, whose biography is closelyis connected with science, has repeatedly said in an interview that his successes are due primarily to parents who have managed to educate all children. And their family had five - three sons and two daughters.


Immediately after school, young Vatanyar enteredThe higher educational institution failed, and he worked for two years as a loader. The first place of work for the future of science was the cafe at the Lenkom Theater. And in 1958 the dream of a capable young man finally came true: he entered Leningrad State University at the Oriental Department (African Studies Department), where he studied the Amharic language of Ethiopia, as well as the history, culture and political system of this and other African countries.

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At the end of Leningrad State University with a red diploma, Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich was enrolled in postgraduate study. Thesis successfully defended in 1967, having receiveddegree of candidate of historical sciences. And in 1975 he became a doctor. In addition, Yagya passed an internship at Moscow State University and was a student of the University of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, where he fell for the exchange.

Pedagogical work

After graduate school, Yagya Vatanyar Saidovichremained to work in the Leningrad State University as a junior research assistant. The Department of Economics of Modern Capitalism was the start for his many years of pedagogical activity. True, a year later Vatanyar Saidovich left the walls of his alma mater and moved to the Pedagogical Institute named after Herzen, where he taught at a geophacic. Here he worked for eleven years, having received for this time the title of professor.

The next place of Yagy's work was the InstituteSoviet trade, where he taught the economic geography of the USSR and headed the corresponding department. And in 1987, his former student again cordially accepted LSU, where he, now in the rank of professor, was invited to lead the chair of African studies. But Vatanyar Saidovich was increasingly interested in the problems of relations between the countries, and when in 1994 the faculty of international relations appeared at the university, he moved to work there and to this day heads the department of world politics. In general, the pedagogical experience of the figure is 49 years. Of these, 30 gave Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich St. Petersburg State University. He also managed to work abroad. Lectures of Russian students of Israeli, Finnish and German universities were heard.

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Scientific activity

Vatanyar Yagya is a big star in the worldRussian science. His pen belongs to more than 350 works devoted to the problems of political and economic geography, international relations, linguistics, literary studies, studies of Ethiopia, etc.

Vatanyar Saidovich was creatingtheoretical bases of political geography of the countries of the third world; thoroughly studied the language of Ethiopia and even becomes the pioneer of certain of its phenomena; "Laid out" the foreign policy of many countries, including Russia, the Baltic countries, Asia and Africa; established relations between politics, history and geography at the international level, etc. All his achievements are difficult to enumerate.

In 1998, Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich received the title ofHonored Scientist of the Russian Federation, and in 2006 the research team headed by him is recognized as the best national school in the sphere of world political processes and international relations. There are other high ranks and awards in the "piggy bank" of this outstanding person. In particular, he is an honorary professor at the St. Petersburg State University.

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International recognition

V.S. Yagya is valued not only at home, but also abroad. His name stands in line with other major scientists of the world working in this industry. Scientific works of the Russian are published by the Germans, Americans, Finns and, of course, Ethiopians, whom the activist devoted a lot of time and energy, having studied their country along and across.

The department headed by Vatanyar Saidovich inSPbSU, constantly becomes the organizer of various symposiums, conferences and round tables of the international level. International recognition of the merits put him in a number of major scientists. A creative team was formed at the department, interested in theoretical questions of world politics.

Several employees of the department under the leadershipVatanyar prepared a monograph entitled "Linguistic Policy Problems of World Politics." Associate professors prepare doctoral dissertations, which include sections on the ideas of the head of the department.

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Yagya prepared 24 candidates for historical andpolitical sciences. In their dissertations they developed various innovative ideas. They were published in many scientific journals. In addition, Yagya acted as a consultant on four dissertations, which were successfully protected.

Political activity

It would be strange if a person so interested in politics would not try to prove himself in this area.

From 1990 to 1993 Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich - deputyLeningrad City Council, where in 1990-1991 he even joined the Presidium. He worked closely with the mayor of St. Petersburg, being his chief adviser from 1991 to 1996, and also heading the city government. From 1994 to 2011 - a member of the Legislative Assembly of Peter. To date, he is an adviser to the chairman of this body on international relations. He is a member of the party "United Russia".

In the political circles of St. Petersburg, the namean elderly scholar is well known, and his contribution to the development of the city is difficult to overestimate. It is Yagya who always instructs the most difficult negotiations with foreign delegations, and, as a rule, an experienced internationalist copes brilliantly with his task, which, naturally, benefits both his native city and the whole country. Deputy Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich, whose photo often flashes in the local media, recognizable personality in St. Petersburg.

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In political activity, Vatanyar Saidovichhis theoretical knowledge, including in the field of linguistics, is very helpful. While still a student, he learned seven languages, most of which he remembers until then and use from time to time. Yagya speaks fluent English, knows Amharic, knows two more African languages, understands written Arabic. During the negotiation processes and speeches at various conferences, this helps the politician and the scientist to arrange to listen to the listeners and to convey to them as accurately as possible all the necessary information.

Awards of Vatanyar

  • Order "For Services to the Fatherland" of the fourth degree - received for contribution to the development of science, education, fruitful activity for many years and training of qualified specialists;
  • a medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the first degree - for fruitful long-term work and services in lawmaking;
  • Medal "For Services to the Fatherland" of the second degree - for merits in pedagogical and scientific activities;
  • is a well-deserved figure in the science of the Russian Federation;
  • Awarded with an honorary diploma of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • is an honorary professor of St. Petersburg State University.
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Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich: the scientist's family

People who are so keen on science, oftenare lonely. But Vatanyar Yagya is an exception. He managed to create a good strong family and, together with his wife, bring up two wonderful children. Vatanyar Saidovich is proud of his heirs and often tells the journalist that his daughter has become a successful lawyer, and the son is a doctor-endocrinologist from God. He also does not tire of reiterating, about the support that the family and the scientist always gives to families in difficult situations. For Yagya his family is a real rear.

About dreams

What does a man who has behind his shoulders dream of?long and productive life? Did he still have any unfulfilled desires, or did everything that was conceived be achieved? Judging by the interview, Vatanyar Yagya, he still has aspirations and a small cart. The most important desires are: to write a biography of the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie the First, to secure at the legislative level guarantees for the Russian language in St. Petersburg and to become a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. And the scientist and deputy Yagya Vatanyar Saidovich, whose biography is inextricably linked with the Northern Palmyra, dreams that his native city will again become the capital of Russia. He himself does not believe in such a perspective, but at the same time believes that nothing is impossible on the Earth and can not be!