Exhibition "Hunting and Fishing in Russia"

The most common hobby of people,living in Russia, are hunting and fishing. Our country is rich in open spaces, where various animals live. This is where many inhabitants of megacities go to hunt and fish, and at the same time to rest from everyday life and be alone with nature.

hunting and fishing in Russia

A distinctive feature of the exhibitions "Hunting and Fishing"

Hunting and fishing exhibitions-fairs haveits own characteristic feature. It consists that usually on them ("Hunting and fishing in Russia" does not become with this exception) you can not only see interesting exhibits, but also buy them. However, some products are sold only in bulk. In principle, the exhibition data is a huge store "Hunter and the Fisherman". It is very convenient for visitors and buyers by the fact that there is an opportunity to compare different products for price, assortment and quality. The exhibition presents its exhibits shops and Internet sites including. Participants from various foreign countries also participate in it. For example, it can be:

  • Latvia.
  • Poland.
  • China.
  • Japan and others.

fishing in russia exhibition


Nowadays various exhibitions are organizedfor lovers of hunting and fishing. And the number of such events increases year by year. This applies to Moscow, the capital of our Motherland. Such events are held quite often, including the exhibition "Hunting and Fishing in Russia", where a huge range of goods, exhibits and services is offered. They are interesting to a large number of visitors, which grows from year to year.

The most significant in terms of the scale of the exhibition,dedicated to various products for fishing and hunting enthusiasts, are constantly held in Moscow. Only now the terms "tourism" and "active rest" are very often added to the very title "Hunting and fishing in Russia". But the meaning of the exhibition does not change from this. The basis of the event is availability of such goods as:

  • weapons;
  • fishing tackle;
  • clothes;
  • means of transportation over a certain area, etc.

In addition, here you can find services for renting forest houses, as well as opportunities for fishing and hunting in special areas.

exhibition hunting fishing in Russia

When was the first exhibition "Hunting and Fishing"?

This exposition began its existence in the1998. Since then, it has enjoyed immense popularity among hunters and fishermen. Recently, the event was held twice a year (meaning "Hunting and fishing in Russia"). The exhibition was located in a large pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. A lot of organizations were involved, where they demonstrated their best examples of goods intended for hunting and fishing. In 2012-2013, this event was recognized as the best exhibition of Russia on the theme "Leisure, hunting and fishing" in all categories.

At what time are such meetings usually held?

In general, this event is held then,when the hunting season is not yet open, that is, in spring and autumn. Therefore, having visited the exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia" in the off-season, hunters and fishermen get the opportunity to upgrade or purchase equipment and gear. Moreover, the theme and range of these exhibitions is very wide. Here you can buy such goods as:

  • fur and wool insulated clothing;
  • camouflage;
  • exclusive t-shirts;
  • Special clothing (for example, wet suits);
  • tackle;
  • guns;
  • knives of all calibers and other cold weapons;
  • night-vision devices;
  • accessories for the angler;
  • all kinds of groundbait;
  • mobile furniture for hikes;
  • boats rubber and aluminum;
  • cars with increased mobility and much more.

hunting fishing in Russia 2015

Exhibition "Hunting, Fishing in Russia" 2015

Such an event (the 37th in a row) was held in Moscowfrom February 25 to March 1 in two pavilions VDNH. This meeting is deservedly enjoyed by hunters and fishermen, as well as fans of outdoor activities and tourism.

This exhibition is more than 1000 exhibits fromall over the world. Its area is more than 30 thousand square meters. This year the best samples of goods in the field of hunting and fishing, various means for tourism, thematic literature on active leisure, gifts of nature and souvenirs were demonstrated. Visitors came to the exhibition in the amount of 70 thousand people.

How did the event take place in 2015?

From three large thematic blocks there is an exposition of an exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia". And this is already a tradition. The following blocks of goods were exhibited:

  • fishing equipment and accessories, equipment, boats, boats, hunting and fishing tourism goods;
  • weapon block, light, goods for hunting, optics, tent city;
  • special vehicles.

The day before there was a whole series of competitions, includingincluding children and youth competitions on fishing for mormyshkas, dedicated to the opening of the event "Hunting and Fishing in Russia". The exhibition of 2015 met the highest requirements of experts in its field. On the first day, a competition of services and goods between Russian manufacturers took place. Next was the display of models from a specialized assortment. All lovers of hunting dogs watched an interesting demonstration program with the participation of representatives of different breeds. Many events were organized by the participants themselves on their own exhibition stands, for example, demonstration of fishing equipment in mobile pools, etc. For business professionals, a business program with round tables, discussions and presentations was designed.

fishing in Russia exhibition 2015

The exhibition "Hunting and Fishing in Russia" this year included:

  • demonstration of films;
  • a unique photo gallery "Birds of Russia";
  • the work of virtual, propelling and pneumatic shooting galleries;
  • an opportunity to taste the dishes of the field kitchen;
  • children's program;
  • demonstration performances, where the virtuosos threw knives, fired, and others.

Numerous visitors and guests of the exhibitionlooked at the exhibits and new equipment, learned a lot of new things, shared their experience with each other. The 37th exhibition "Hunting and Fishing in Russia" once again confirmed its high status of one of the largest thematic events. And this is another indication that our society's interest in active recreation, hunting and fishing is growing. In addition, this meeting has become an effective method of business communication.