Elena Golunova: reviews. Who was at the reception? How to get an appointment with Elena Valeryevna?

For a long time, the days have gone by, when even a hint ofpossession of unusual abilities were feared not to get on the fire of the Inquisition. Now we have times of permissiveness, you can buy at least a dozen books on black magic, which provides detailed instructions for absolutely any rituals. I read and declare that you are a sorcerer, and you easily solve any problem. Of course, it's not free. To be convinced of the veracity of these words, it is enough to look at how many people come to the casting of the project "Battle of psychics". It was thanks to him that the world learned that in Siberia there is a real hereditary witch Elena Golunova. Reviews of the reception from her, however, do not rush to appear on the Internet. Either Elena does not help anyone, or clients are afraid that they will jinx the result if someone tells you about it. What is the strongest witch of Siberia? Should I address it?

Elena Golunova reviews who was at the reception

What witches have a childhood

Few people do not know that the psychic Elena Golunova- a native of the glorious city of Novosibirsk, and that she was born in the spring, on April 8, in a not so distant 1968. As is the case with most mages, the future sorceress discovered her extraordinary abilities as a child. She could see strangers, whom no one else saw, and they freely passed through the walls. It says that Elena Valeryevna has unusual vision capabilities, because the vision of any object is the perception of the light reflected from him by the eye. It turns out that the rays reflected from dead essences were perceived only by the eyes of a small Lena.

The girl's parents gave her to the care of her grandmother,completely engaged in personal problems. Psychic Elena Golunova, whose comments are so contradictory, somehow mentioned that she felt like an orphan with the living father and mother, and suffered very much because of this. Grandmother as she could try to replace her parents and at the same time explain what her visions mean. This gift they have a family, transmitted through the women's line. At school, the unusual Lena became an outcast, because she was different from others. Gradually, the girl learned to understand what they say to her, whom no one but her can see. With them, she felt much more comfortable.

psychic Elena Golunova

First love

Now the famous psychic Elena Golunova -A mature woman who knows exactly what she needs from life. But once she did only the first steps in such a cruel adult world. At the age of 17, the first love came to her in the face of a man, almost twice as old as her. Elena gave birth to his son Victor, who later became Vladislav Kadoni. They say that for such an unseemly act at that time, as the birth of a son at the age of 18, it was condemned by society. But life threw her a harder test - her beloved died, leaving a woman with a small child in her arms. Then she was not a witch, but an ordinary girl.

As Elena Golunova herself recalls,reviews of which are sometimes unfair, she at that stage of her life felt terrible and often, putting her son to bed, went up to the window, pressed her forehead against the glass and cried, not knowing what to do with her life further. Coming to the cemetery, Elena heard voices, although there was nobody beside her. She felt that those who are already there, beyond the line, in the other world are trying to communicate with her. Unheeded by the living, she reached for the dead. Being a strong nature, Elena Golunova decided at all costs, by all means available to her to become happy.

reviews about the reception of Elena Golovnova

Family and happiness

They say that if you really want something, itnecessarily happen. So does Golunova. She met a good man Dmitry. For her, she was safely married and gave birth to two sons. It was believed that the gift in the genre of Helen is transmitted only through the women's line, but then Providence changed its rules and awarded extra-sensory abilities to the first son of Elena - Vlad Kadoni. It was he who forced her to take part in the show of psychics. Elena does not like this word, says that there is a gap between the psychic and the witch, as between the computer and the book. Golunova generally does not respond very well about the computer, he is not friendly and does not sit in social networks. This information is for those who figure out how to get to Elena Golubova for a reception, and tries to get something out of a witch through the World Wide Web.

How to get to Elena Golubova at the reception

Helen's website

As soon as there is any knownidentity, immediately activated and scammers, trying to cash in on someone else's fame. This fate did not pass Golunov either. In social networks there are about a dozen of her "real" sites, where they write to her at the reception and even "get in position" and provide online services for relatively little money. Elena Goluinova really has a website, but only one, where a video is presented, in which the witch warns everyone that she does not advise anyone online. Whatever the reviews about Elena Golubova, but in truthfulness she does not refuse. On its only site witch warns of scammers and reveals the scheme of their activities about extorting money. To solve their problems, you need to come to Golubova personally. Only then does she undertake to do her work.

How to apply

Very many are looking for information about where they takepsychic Elena Golunova, how to get to the reception to her. This is written on her only website. The recording takes place over the phone. Lead her professional psychologists-administrators. Number is: +7 495 723 0666. In conversation with the administrator, you need to describe your problem. Some are surprised: why? After all, Golunova will see everything. The answer of administrators is very simple: that Elena Valeryevna can prepare for the meeting and ritual, because different problems are needed to solve each problem. The session takes only 30 minutes, for which you need to pay (according to the latest information) 30 000 rubles. Such a price is valid if the customer is willing to wait about a year until his turn comes up. If you need help urgently, the prices are doubled.

reviews about the work of Elena Golovnova

Where the witch takes

Those few responses about Elena's admissionGolubnoye is informed that she works mainly in Novosibirsk. The exact address is reported on the phone during the recording. In addition to his native city, Golunov travels to Moscow and St. Petersburg for admission. Days need to be specified by the above phone number. Also, the Siberian witch visits some other cities, for example, she was in Orenburg, even gave an interview there to the local press.

Reception procedure

Although there are only isolated reviews ofthe work of Elena Golubova, but they shed a barely visible light on this action. So, it is reported that the office is required to sign a document that the amount of money is voluntarily transferred as a gift to the "Kandy" society, therefore no claims and, naturally, no damages. The woman who wrote this review paid 60,000 rubles for 30 minutes of communication with Elena, gave money to Kandy LLC and left, so she did not find out anything for herself.


We tried to find those to whom Elena helpedGolunov. Feedback on the positive result was found only on fraudulent sites. Here the talent is extolled with great talent, admiring the change of fate for the better and solving all problems. For persuasiveness, Elena Elena Golubova's few tips are given and her online help is offered. To get it, you just need to pass a short test - to answer the question, is it true whether Elena in the battle of psychics took the second place, although it should have been the first. After the answer, it is suggested to fill out a simple questionnaire so that the witch will have an idea of ​​the person who is hungry for her help. There are 36 questions in the questionnaire. Filling it, you get the opportunity to finally find out what you care about. The answer comes in a couple of seconds. Its content is approximately the following: give us money, and we will send you new tests.

екстрасенс Елена Голунова reviews

Truthful reviews

Perhaps a really strong magician HelenGolunov. Unfortunately, those who were at the reception did not speak about it. In any case, there are no such reviews on the Internet. And those who are, say that problems in such an expensive session are not solved in any way. At some clients business even became worse. There are testimonials that during the paid 30 minutes Elena Valeryevna really did the ritual, accompanied him with a few general phrases and wishes, so that everything in life became good. The result is still in the waiting stage, and it must certainly be, as Elena Golunova assured. Reviews, who were at the reception of the witch, are single, but the opinions of a large group of magicians and psychics of Novosibirsk are presented in sufficient numbers. There is either professional jealousy or intrigues of competitors, but in these reviews it is very clearly stated that among the Novosibirsk magicians, about 40 people, have never heard of Elena Golubova, and they learned about it only thanks to the "Battle of Psychics". Miracles, is not it?

A few words about the show

Thousands of viewers believe that the best and moststrong in the 13th "Battle of Psychics" was exactly Elena Golunova. Reviews, who were at the reception, however, do not differ in their enthusiasm for her psychic talents. But on the show she really was the strongest. On the Internet there were testimonials from a man who allegedly worked on this project, but was fired, and now in revenge tells the whole world the truth about him. This Mr. X says that all the tricks are mounted there, and psychics pre-signed contracts with salons that provide the appropriate magical services. In support of these statements, it is argued that the real witches never participate in the show. And if they are for anything, they do not lose.

Helped by Elena Golunova reviews

Elena Golunova about herself and her activities

Regardless of what kind of feedback about the reception of ElenaGolovnoy is on the web, the witch herself is proud to have such a gift. She chose the image for herself - all black, clothes, make-up, hair color, nail polish. Plus to it - its absolute straightforwardness, some roughness, penetrating through a close look, calmness and even some satisfaction when working with blood. It captivates and makes you believe in its uniqueness. And other witch attributes of Elena Valeryevna, such as dead water and cemetery land, dispel the last doubts.

In rare interviews, which the witch sometimes gives the press, she looks like a woman philosophically looking at the world, a loving mother and wishing everyone good man. An unusual witch, right?

About his eldest son - the magician Kadoni - and hisparticipation in TV projects Elena with some subtle regret says that he buys his youth. Over time, everything will fall into place, but she is very happy that he was also given a generic gift. The average son, too, probably took himself some kind of a part of unique abilities, since he already has a talent foresight.

What does Elena Golunova never do? Reviews, who were at the reception, perhaps because they were dissatisfied, because people did not know that Elena does not make love spells, believing that every woman should have her own charisma and a little wisdom to become happy. Also, Elena does not take on matters that can bring harm to someone. To all people she gives advice on how to adjust circumstances. Ways to do so much - water, fire, amulets, conspiracies. What does not Elena say? That these corrections are obtained, it is necessary to have special power. Without it, no rituals and sorcerous attributes work.