Bashkir proverbs about friendship, work, language, hospitality and man

Wisdom that reaches us through the ages in the form oforal legends, is a grandiose repository of ancestral memory. Folk folklore is designed to teach children and admonish adults. A special place in the culture of Russia is occupied by proverbs Bashkir. They, like fairy tales, are playful, but at the same time are filled with the deepest meaning. Many of them were translated into Russian and settled down in it.

The place of the proverb in the Bashkir language

In contrast to other speech patterns, proverbsare used by a person in speech constantly, in various situations. They decorate speech, help to bring the message to the interlocutor more clearly. Not for nothing in the Bashkir language is this saying: "The beard adorns the chin, and the tongue adorns the proverbs"The sayings of this Turkic people are famous for their double allegorical meaning: for example:If you run from the smoke, do not get into the fire". The proverb has a hidden meaning and it can be interpreted like this: running away from problems - do not get into a big trouble. Proverbs and sayings through the language tell about the main aspects of a person's life: friendship, culture, love, hospitality, work. Forming, as a mosaic, in the overall picture of the worldview.

proverbs Bashkir

Bashkir proverbs about friendship

Friendship occupies a special place in the life of the Bashkirs. About it many interesting proverbs are composed:

  • Ike keshe ber boola, ille keshe yo bulyr. Together - not hard, apart - I want to quit. You can understand that it's easy together, and individually - hard.
  • Irem kigge - item kigge. Close people should fraternize against their will. This saying that relatives should always support each other.
  • Ai Yaҡtyһy ҡауыштрмаҫ, ҡояш нуры ҡыуандрмаҫ. If the moon does not reconcile, then the sun does not shake. It means that if people are not friends, then nothing they can reconcile.
    Bashkir proverbs about friendship

Bashkir proverbs about hospitality

For a long time it is known that to hospitalityBashkir people are treated as a debt. The master of the house must envelop the guest with care. In view of the special attention paid to the joint meal, many proverbs in the Bashkir language are accentuated on the guests' treat:

  • Atla ҡunaҡ һylāһaң, atın yes ҡara. If a guest came on a horse, a meal and a guest, and a horse. Means that if the guest brought a friend, relative, animal, then the owner of the house must feed everyone.
  • Orap birmum kunagytsa, һөyөp bir. Do not ask the guest if he wants to eat. This should be understood as a parting word to the master that he must feed the guest before he wants to eat.
  • Yomart yorttoң usagynda kөlө kүp bulyr. At the hospitable owner in the furnace remains ashes. Means that the owner does not regret anything for the guest, including firewood.
  • The former is the һ өҫ өҫ ө ө ә ә ә. Cordiality is a treat. From the translation, you can understand that hospitality begins with a smile of the owner.
    proverbs in the Bashkir language

Proverbs about work

Labor occupies a special place in the life of the Bashkir people. For hard-working people, as for lazy people, in the Turkic language there are special concepts:

  • Tyryshan tabyr, tashҡa ҡаҙаҡ ҡагыр. There, where the diligent person comes, fire will burn. Proverbs, especially the Bashkir, can not be understood literally. This statement has a metaphorical meaning and means that a person accustomed to work can do everything.
  • Yalҡau yatyr yerҙe yailyn һaylar. Lazy looking for a better place to work. Means that lazy people are shirking their work. Everywhere looking for benefits.
  • Yalҡauҙyң aty la aҙymһyҙ bu ррr. A lazy person even has a lazy horse. It means that next to the loafer everyone is lazy.
  • Ungan Keshe ҡıldı ҡyҙgҡka yaryr. The diligent person can cut a hair into forty parts. The wise man is always a master of his craft.

Bashkir proverbs about work

Bashkir proverbs about language

The meaning of the word in Bashkir has a special meaning:

  • Tel barҙyn il bar. The one who has a language has a homeland. It means that one who knows his language will not lose his roots.
  • Әйткән hyҙ - аканкан ук. The word is spoken - the arrow is released. It is understood that the spoken word can injure another person as much as the arrow.
  • Uҙ ағарта, уҙ каралай. The said will bleach, the said blacken. This means that the word can be used both for help and for doing harm.

Bashkir proverbs about language

Proverbs about a person and his place in the world

Proverbs and sayings often express the person's attitude to life, the world around him and his position in this world:

  • Mek kun kulg bulyp yurghynse, ber ken keshe bulyuyn, yashshy. It is better to become a person for one day than a thousand - to be a shadow. Here we are talking about the positive qualities of people.
  • Keshe-kesheg-ish, hayuan-haiwang ish. A man must be a man, an animal an animal. For Bashkirs, man is a living being, an animal is not. Consequently, animals can be hunted, and a man must be a hunter. The superiority of people over animals is expressed.

An important complement to human speech areproverbs, Bashkir often have an applied meaning. They are used in the main spheres of life, such as love, freedom, work, friendship, knowledge. They make it possible to understand not just the language, but also the soul of the Bashkir people.