Actor Alexander Dreiman: biography, photo. Best movies and TV shows

Alexander Dreiman is a talented actor whohelped to announce the television project "The American history of horrors". He embodied the image of a mysterious young man named Luke, who lives near the school of witches. "The Last Kingdom", "Resistance", "Christopher and the like", "Blood Ransom" - other films and serials with his participation. What is known about the young actor?

Alexander Dreiman: the beginning of the road

Star of serials "American history of horrors" and"The last kingdom" was born in Germany, it happened in February 1983. Alexander Dreiman was born in an ordinary family, among his relatives there are no movie stars. He was only a few years old when his parents moved to France, in this country the boy spent most of his childhood.

Alexander Dreiman

Draiman was still a child when his mother and fatherdecided to part. Soon in the life of Alexander appeared stepfather, the family settled in Switzerland. The professional activity of the new husband of the mother was associated with travel, so the boy had already visited Brazil, the USA, and Bali as a child. He did not lose contact with his father, they continued to communicate.

Choice of life path

Alexander Dreyman decided on the choice of professionfar from immediately. Father, a heart surgeon by profession, dreamed that his son would follow in his footsteps. Once he even persuaded his heir to attend the operation, then the future actor finally became convinced that medicine is not his vocation.

Alexandr Dreiman movies

By the time the school was over, Alexander had already realized that he wanted to connect his life with the world of dramatic art. For several years he studied acting in France, then in London.

First roles

Alexander Dreiman first appeared on the setsite in 2010. The beginning actor made his debut in the tape "Neither change, nor start again". The role of the young man was episodic, but he managed to attract the attention of filmmakers.

alexander draiman actor

In 2011, there were three films with participationAlexandra. Episodic role went to a young man in a criminal thriller "Too beautiful to die," whose plot revolves around the investigation of the murder of the top model. In the drama "Christopher and others like him," he embodied the image of a boy on call from Casper, who begins to meet with the famous writer Christopher, satiated with life. The actor played a small role in the action tape "Resistance", which tells of mysterious events that take place in a small village.

Starry hour

Alexander Dreiman is an actor who first felttaste of fame in 2013. The young man got a role in the third season of the rating series "American history of horrors". His character was the enigmatic guy Luc Ramsey. The inconspicuous young man immediately interested the audience already by living near the school where novice witches are studying. Filming in this series gave Alexander the first fans, the actor began to recognize on the street.

Alexander Dreiman

"The Last Kingdom" is a series in whichAlexander Dreiman played a key role. The filmography of the actor "got" this TV project in 2015, it is still filmed in it. The historical drama acquaints viewers with the events that took place during the reign of Alfred the Great. The Lord of Wessex managed to win the battle of the Danish Vikings, to take away their illegally appropriated lands. Dreiman embodied the image of Uthrade of Bebbanburg, his hero is a descendant of the ancient Saxon family. Even in his childhood he finds himself in captivity with the Vikings, involuntarily absorbs their culture. The grown-up Uhtred is facing a difficult choice, he does not know which side should fight, can not find his place in life.

Also in 2016, Alexander played a key role in the detective drama Guys Reading Poems, which did not have much success with the audience.

Personal life

Alexander Dreiman, whose films and biographyare considered in this article, prefers not to advertise their personal lives. It is only known that the actor is not married and has no children. Now the young man is focused on career achievements, the work practically does not leave him time for entertainment. Periodically, there are rumors about his non-traditional orientation, which Alexander does not confirm or deny. He prefers to spend his spare time in cheerful friendly companies, traveling.