Conservatism of the British: the traditions of England

Many peoples are committed to their nationaltraditions and customs, rituals and signs are transferred from the gens to the clan. But English traditions and customs are special. The fact is that the British are known for their conservatism. Their veneration of everything that happened two hundred or three hundred years before their birth - just amazing. For example, the traditional English "tea at noon" is to give an age-old tradition. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, the Duchess Anna introduced this ritual, which once wished to receive tea and light snacks at one's office at noon. Since then, this midday tea has become an integral part of British traditions.

Traditions in England also say that the guard ina Scottish skirt and with a carbine, standing near Edinburgh Castle, can only be of the Gordon family. This kind has received such privilege even in ancient times, and it is still observed. And what kind of people are still able to withstand the Sunday English dinner, which occurs absolutely every Sunday and the same dishes are eaten on it? The English are fervently devoted to the old days. The best pub - which is not less than 200 years old, and the most respectable feelings - tested and seasoned for years. The Englishman will do his best to preserve the family, because this is the connection of generations and traditions.

Traditions in England are very interesting inwedding ceremonies. In the Middle Ages, when many men perished in wars, and women remained widows, as, in other matters, men after the invasion of all kinds of diseases, a new custom appeared. In order not to stop the continuation of the family, the widowed English quickly started looking for a soul mate. For this they were given announcements to the local press. It so took root in England, which grew into a national tradition. First there were marriage brokers, then marriage agencies, and then whole fairs and meetings began to be arranged for those wishing to conclude a legal marriage.

The traditions and customs of England prescribe a reservedLifestyle. Englishmen avoid invading someone else's life, imposing their opinions on someone, therefore they are very reserved in their judgments. The British are unshakable in observing the rules and laws, and this applies to both others and themselves. Even if some customs cause inconvenience, they will be unshakably observed only because their ancestors did so, therefore it must be respected and supported.

Very interesting are the traditions of England in terms ofcelebrations - they are all held only on Mondays. The exception is the New Year, Easter and Christmas (they simply can not be transferred to Monday!). On Easter Monday, everyone congratulates each other, presents gifts and treats to sweets. In April - a traditional flower exhibition, which attracts the best English gardeners. On May holidays, falling at the beginning of the month, traditional festivities and costumes take place.

Interesting traditions of England and in carrying outvarious festivals and sports. An unforgettable festival of chimney sweeps takes place in May, and the Royal Regatta is opened in June. In the same month, the Queen's Birthday is celebrated with solemnity and with great pomp. In July, you can participate in the traditional international animation festival and visit the arts festival, which takes place in London. In early August, the International Music Festival will be held, as always.

Required every year in England and sportscompetition. For example, the traditional "Race of boats" on the river. The Thames always passes in the end of March. And equestrian competitions in Aintree - in early April, and in June Week Kaus-Uik is held. The race, held on old cars, awaits fans of thrill, as usual - in November, and in December all music lovers come to the next music festival. This is all - England, with its customs, traditions and respect for all the old, stable and thorough