What leads to greed? Russian proverbs about greed

Long ago, greed was considered one of the most terriblevices. After all, she, like cancer, corroded the soul of a man, turning him into a slave of his own pride. And to escape from her captivity was almost impossible, because the person did not understand what exactly was his problem. Moreover, he did not even want to do this.

That is why wise people began to composeproverbs about greed. To at least somehow reach out to those who were struck by this vice. In addition, such wisdom is capable of leading young people to the path of truth, so that in the future they are protected from the effects of their own greed.

proverbs about greed

What it is?

So, how to draw a clear parallel betweenstagnancy and greed? After all, not always saving is evidence that a person is obsessed with increasing his own income. How can you see glimpses of greed in a person?

Well, there are wonderful proverbs and sayings about greed that can help you figure it out. For example:

  • Greed to man and rest at night does not.
  • He loves to have a bird singing at his house, but he does not want to feed her.
  • He invited guests to the banquet, and bought bones in the market.

Now we will understand in more detail that we have been shown proverbs and sayings about greed.

The immensity is the main sign of the problem

The first thing that distinguishes greed from ordinaryreserve, - immensity. After all, a person who is subject to this vice wants everything at once. If we consider this with the example of money, then we can say with confidence that it will always be small. And it does not matter whether he is poor or has a multi-million dollar fortune.

In this case, as the proverbs saygreed, it is, rather, poverty of the soul, rather than a real lack of resources. Here's a good example: "Life hangs in the balance, and all thoughts about earnings." That is, such a person does not have a clear concept of values, and also when to stop.

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The same rule applies not only to money, but to everything else: food, natural resources, power, love, and so on. As the saying goes: "Greedy belly eats at the very ear."

Why do people become greedy?

Knowingly proverbs about greed and stupidity go handabout the hand. After all, these two features are very similar to each other, and are often intertwined in one person. Often, it is stupidity and low moral values ​​that are the basis for the birth of the first spark of greed.

Just such people do not see anything beautifularound. They were not told that there are things more important than money, clothes or food. Their inner world is very stingy and small, which is a big problem for themselves and for others.

And if such a person is not helped, everything will becomeOnly worse. Greed will devour him from the inside, and then there will be no turning back. After all, he simply does not want to listen to others, considering them wrong. Knowingly the sages said: "The greed of the mind deprives," and this is one of the main truths that proverbs teach us about greed and stupidity.

proverbs and greed sayings

What leads to greed?

Worst of all, over the years, the human soulis so strongly exposed to this vice that it becomes simply unrecognizable for his loved ones. And quite often proverbs about greed show us this. For example:

  • A soul is cheaper than a ruble.
  • One hand collects, and the second distributes.

But greed affects not only the domesticworld of man. Over the years, this vice can be seen in the appearance of a person, in his actions and words. By the way, proverbs about greed and here are good examples:

  • Day and night cry, and chests in the ground buried.
  • Although he himself is not a din, I will not give another one.

In addition, greed leads to loneliness. This is due to two main factors. Firstly, a stingy man limits himself to communicating with others in order to protect his wealth. Secondly, relatives quickly get bored with the fact that material values ​​for their relatives are much higher than they are.