Gavriil Gordeev is a former resident of the "Kamedi Club", more known as Le Havre

Gavriil Gordeev gained wide popularitythanks to participation in the "Comedy Club". Already almost two years he is not a resident of this project. But a large army of fans is still interested in the details of his personal life and career successes. The article contains the most current and truthful information about the humorist.

Gabriel Gordeyev

short biography

Gordeev Gavriil Yuryevich was born on December 17, 1982. His hometown is Perm. Mom and Dad did not see the soul in their son. They tried to give him all the best.

Gavriil Gordeev since childhood dreamed of actingcareer. True, he could not decide what genre is closer to him - a drama or a comedy. Teachers also noticed that the boy has an acting talent. Therefore, he constantly participated in skits and performances.

The boy enjoyed visiting the studio theater"CODE". The first serious role of Le Havre (Gabriel Gordeev) considers the role of Kai in the play staged on the product "The Snow Queen". The young man gave all 100%. The head of the theater studio named Oleneva always praised our hero and set him up as an example to other children. She had no doubt that the future was bright for the guy.

Gavriil Gordeev photo

Years of study

Having received a certificate of secondary education, GordeevGavriil Yurevich decided to enter Perm State Technical University. For many friends and relatives, this was a big surprise. They were sure that the guy would choose the acting department. Le Havre preferred a technical profession, but did not intend to throw a scene.

Carier start

Our hero found himself in the KVN. First, Gordeev appeared in the Perm team "Parma", then moved to the team "Friends". Together with fellow countrymen, he successfully performed on the main stage of the KVN. Le Havre not only participated in funny skits, but also invented jokes. The smiles and applause of the public were for him the best reward for work and were proof that he was created for the stage. However, any person needs to develop. At some point, Le Havre realized that he had outgrown the KVN. He needed a new step. And soon such an opportunity presented itself.

Gordeev Gavriil Yurievich

Comedy Club

In 2006, the life of our hero changed dramatically. Together with a friend and ally of the KVN Vereshchagin Oleg, he was in the "Comedy Club". They did not have connections and huge money. The buddies have successfully passed the casting. They demonstrated their acting talent and boundless sense of humor. Already after the first release, the friends woke up famous. On the streets the girls lined up to get their autographs.

Gavriil Gordeyev, whose photo is today regularlyappear in the print media, at first he appeared in a duet with Oleg Vereshchagin. They together composed jokes and understood each other from a half-word. Soon the friends decided to act separately. Le Havre rarely performed alone. In his skits and jokes, he used Alexander Revv, Garik Martirosyan, Dmitry Khrustalev and other Comedy Club stars.

On the air, jokes "below the belt" often sounded. The author of some of them was Gabriel Gordeev. With his wife on this occasion there were disagreements. The humorist has repeatedly stressed that the Comedy Club provides complete freedom of speech. But his wife never tired of reminding him that the transfer was watched not only by adults, but also by schoolchildren.

Gabriel proud with his wife and children

Personal life

Until recently, fans did not know aboutmarital status of a humorist. Young girls and mature ladies counted on the fact that their pet is free and open for communication. But we hasten to disappoint them: Le Havre is married. He adores his wife, and does not even look at other women. Gabriel Gordeyev, with his wife and children, has recently appeared at social events.

On stage, our hero often portrays nahalov,majors and ladies' man. But in ordinary life he is completely different - modest, calm and domestic. All the free time the humorist tries to spend with his wife and children.

Our hero has a peculiar appearance. But Le Havre does not feel any complexes about this. In his youth, girls did not hang around his neck. And Gabriel himself did not need it. He was courting a girl who soon reciprocated. Our hero remembers our first love and will never forget.

The woman of his life is Irina. Their acquaintance took place more than 10 years ago. The girl conquered him with beauty and kindness. A few months later, Le Havre made a lover offer of the hand and heart. She did not hesitate and gave a positive answer.

Soon the couple had a daughter. The baby was called Sophia. Irina was surprised at how carefree his father refused to Le Havre. He constantly fussed with the daughter: he changed her diapers, bathed and walked. The humorist called her his princess. For complete happiness, only the heir was missing.

In January 2011, in print media and inInternet portals have information on the replenishment of the Gordeev family. A long-awaited son appeared in the light. The boy received a very beautiful and rare name - Seraphim. It was not an accidental choice. The fact is that the couple could not have a second child for a long time. On the advice of friends, they went to Diveevo, where the relics of Seraphim of Sarov were kept, and asked to help them.

Gabriel proud with his wife

What the humorist is doing now

On the set in the Comedy Club Gavriil Gordeevappears extremely rarely. And this is not surprising. After all, his work schedule is not just by day, but by hour. Since 2010, Le Havre is a participant in the sketch show "Two Anton". In addition, a couple of years ago he founded Comedy Radio. Today Le Havre successfully combines two posts - the producer and the radio presenter. Esters with his participation every day listen to thousands of Russian citizens. Havre is regularly invited to various humorous programs ("Big Difference", "Do not Sleep" and others).