What are monuments made of? Materials for making gravestones

Bright memory of the man who left our world inthe hearts of his loved ones remain forever. To the grave the path does not overgrow, there are always living flowers. To emphasize the love of the departed and the depth of their grief, family members on the grave establish a tombstone, where birth and death dates are usually written, the name of the deceased, epitaph, often a photograph (either stamped on the plate itself or printed). And what are the monuments made of? Read about this in the article.

from which monuments are made

Installing a gravestone

Today you can order a monument in eachritual bureau. Employees will provide you with a catalog with samples from which you can choose the right option. Also, if you want, the tombstone can be made on an individual sketch. Before you make an order, you need to select the material. About what monuments are made of, you will be told at the office of the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the more quality and durable the material, the longer the tombstone will retain its original appearance, however, the price, respectively, will be higher. Now the market offers all kinds of tombstones: from stone, metal, polymer granite, concrete and even wood. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option in more detail.

Monuments from a natural stone

Such tombstones are considered to be the most reliable andnoble, they will look dignified for a long time and can stand for centuries. And what kind of stone are monuments made of? The best material is considered to be granite, no less often used marble. Let's talk about the properties of these stones.

monuments from a natural stone

1. Gravestones

This material is not affected by sun raysgray and does not fade, does not crack at temperature differences. A granite monument can have any thickness and shape, because the material can be easily processed. At the same time, you can be sure that the finished product will not be damaged: cracks and chips. He will be able to apply a portrait image of any complexity, and the surface from this will not lose accuracy and will not look too scratched. The advantage of this stone is also that it is presented in a huge variety of color variations, so you can choose absolutely any color. The most beautiful and expensive is granite Gabbro.

2. Marble gravestones

This material is softer than granite, hence,work with it is more problematic. Perhaps, the advantages can be attributed only to a lower price. Cut a portrait on such a stone is impossible, so usually it is attached to a granite tile or photo.

from what material monuments are made

Manufacturers make gravestones not onlyof natural marble, but also make monuments of artificial stone. In any case, the material requires regular care and is less durable than granite. If you live at a considerable distance from the burial site and do not have the opportunity to often come to the cemetery to clean marble from contamination, it is better to choose another version of the gravestone. The fact is that on such monuments from the fat and moisture remain spots, and the colored material is also characterized by low frost resistance.

Metal monuments

This group includes bronze, iron and othergravestones. Different metals have different properties, but have a common significant drawback - the susceptibility to corrosion. Unfortunately, it is worth to be afraid of vandalism. Metal products can be handed over for money to the point of recycling, so there are cases when the monuments are simply carried away from the cemetery.

1. Bronze headstones

They look expensive and solid, even corrosionlooks noble at them. Nevertheless, completely bronze monuments are quite rare, often letters or bronze ornaments are placed on stone slabs. So you can even give the most modest tombstone an individuality.

what kind of stone monuments are made of

2. Monuments of iron

These products are simple and easy to install.But the dismantling, unfortunately, also does not cause difficulties. In general, this material is better not to choose: it quickly rusts and easily deforms. To some extent, this situation can be prevented if the gravestone is regularly painted.

From what material are monuments made yet?

Now often for this type of products applypolymer granite. It is a mixture of polymeric material and granite chips, which is first cast into molds, and after hardening it is covered with a protective compound and decorated with decorative elements. Such a tombstone will simply be smaller than a stone one, but it costs less. Despite the fact that outwardly the monument will look like a granite, inside it is often hollow. And this means that after a while the joints will begin to diverge, and the beautiful view will be lost. According to the technology of manufacturing, the polymer-granite products are very similar to gravestones from stone crumbs. The difference is only in the binding substance - instead of concrete, a polymer is used.

monuments of artificial stone

Other materials

Telling about what makes monuments,it is necessary not to mention concrete. From this material, the tombstone is cast entirely, that is, except for concrete, no more components are present. Such a construction is unreliable, even with a competent reinforcement, the monument will not retain its original appearance for long: concrete quickly crumbles and begins to crumble under the influence of the external environment.


We have listed not all of the options from whichmake monuments. The choice is quite extensive; to avoid making mistakes, it is better to seek professional advice. After all, it is important to establish a tombstone that will leave for posterity the memory of the deceased forever!