The salary in Poland is on average. Minimum and maximum wage rates by industry

The economic situation in Russia is not the best. And many people who want to somehow bring their wealth back to normal, decide to go abroad for work. The most common solution is Poland. It's not far, and the language there is more or less understandable. But the salary in Poland on average, to be honest, does not differ much from the Russian indicators. And in most cases the decision to go there is not justified. However, everything in order.

salary in Poland on average


Before talking about the average salary inPoland, I would like to note the minimum. In 2015, it was decided that it would be 1,750 zł. At the current rate, this is approximately 27,000 rubles. And this is without paying taxes. If you take into account all the costs, then the amount will be 1 286 zł. That is, for 20,000 rubles in Poland you can live - that's what the law says. May be. But if you try on the amount of prices, you will get almost the same thing as in Russia. 10 zł (155 rubles) per kilogram of chicken, 3 zlotys (46 rubles) per liter of milk, 2.5 zł (39 rubles) for 1 kg of sugar, 4 for a small packet of cornflakes, 8 for a jar of coffee and 3 for a cup of coffee 1 l of juice. Plus travel, payment for an apartment, utilities, etc.

Many are interested in what is the minimum andthe average salary in Poland for Ukrainians, immigrants from a nearby country. Same as for everyone. There are no privileges. But if you translate into hryvnia, then the minimum wage per hour is 80 UAH (13 zł). If we take into account that the minimum wage in Ukraine is 1 378 hryvnia (3,400 rubles), it is not surprising why the majority of visitors in Poland are its citizens.

average salaries in Poland

Who lives well?

You can go to work in Poland onlyIT-specialists. However, good programmers are everywhere in value. And the salary in Poland on average for IT professionals is not the highest, if you take into account other European countries. They are paid 1 600 euros per month (about 110 000 rubles). This is the data for the year 2015.

A good money and employeestelecommunication enterprises. They have roughly the same salaries as IT workers. And bank employees, as well as employees of insurance companies, receive about 1300-1500 euros (90-105 thousand rubles, respectively). Labor of power engineers and gas workers is also well paid. That's all.

At the same time, the average salary of IT specialistsis 80,000 rubles in Russia (Magadan Oblast is the best indicator). Because it is worth considering - is it worth changing jobs in your home country for a vacancy in Poland? After all, you have to pay for housing, cope with the adaptation period and get used to everything new. It is unlikely that all this will pay off.

Option for everyone

It is worth noting that in this country you can findpaid occupation, which does not require knowledge of the language and special skills. The salary in Poland on average for such employees is 1 euro per hour. The maximum is 2 €. This is 69-138 rubles, respectively. And the previously mentioned 13 zł per hour, which is a minimum, is 200 rubles. Usually the work offered for such money does not imply a normalized working day and days off. The activities are connected, as a rule, with agriculture, construction and enterprises, which need labor.

what is the average salary in Poland

Who is in demand?

The highest average salaries in Poland for peopleSuch specialties, which are not popular now. Namely - drivers, welders and plasterers. If you want to get solid money, then you need to know the language. Then there is the likelihood that a person will be accepted into a Polish-Norwegian firm. And there the conditions are better, and the attitude. What is the average salary in Poland at such enterprises? About 6 euros per hour (415 rubles). With the output and the normalized schedule per month you can receive more than 110 000 rubles.

There are gold veins in Poland.But they, like all good things, have to be looked for. However, after settling into a solid company, you can count not only on a good salary, but also on insurance. Especially valuable foreign specialists are even provided with housing. Some are allowed to come with a family. And they help to arrange all necessary documents (visa, permits, etc.).

What are the prestigious positions here?These are top and HR managers, business analysts, translators, economists, and also trade agents associated with the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tourism, food and technology industries.

average salary in Poland for Ukrainians


Above it was told about what the salary in Poland is on average. Finally I would like to talk about the maximum, which is noted in the official statistics (without paying taxes).

Earlier mentioned IT-specialists receive a maximum150 000 rubles. Real estate agent - about 165 000 r. A mason can count on 195,000 rubles a month. Insurers receive 235,000 rubles. Business analysts - 185 000 p. The architect of IT-systems is about 260 000 rubles, as well as the engineer testing the software. Consultant for work with clients receives 250 000 p. The maximum income of the head of the enterprise reaches 545,000 rubles.

The most modest maximum in makeup artists is just24 000 rubles a month. Against the background of the aforementioned salaries, it looks really sad. Some more get nutritionists, hairdressers, merchandisers, kitchen assistants and kindergarten teachers. In the rest, salaries range from 55 to 140 thousand rubles (depending on the profession).