The most developed countries in the world: description, rating and interesting facts

The most developed countries of the world are annually identified.The rating of these countries depends on the criteria for the analysis. For example, development can be economic, and this is not equal to the wealth of the country as such. Or technological, which involves comparing achievements in science and production. In addition, there is the concept of an index of human development. It includes a number of factors. This is the level of literacy of the population, life expectancy, education and a general indicator of the standard of living. The most developed countries in the human development index (HDI) should have high rates in all these areas. Data are collected, analyzed, classified and provided in the Human Development Report to the UN.


The seven most developed countries are headed byNorway. It is a very beautiful country with a predominantly mountainous landscape. The coast is riddled with deep picturesque fjords. The main part of the income in the country's economy comes from the sale of petroleum products. Also well-developed shipbuilding, engineering and marine fishing.

the most developed countries in the world

The population of the country is small - less than 5 million people.For comparison, this is about a quarter of the population living in Moscow. The climate is very variable. It is well characterized by the local saying "Do not like the weather? Wait for 15 minutes".

Statistics show that the most developed countriespeace are characterized by low levels of corruption and crime. And Norwegians in this respect are no exception. They are very honored by the law. There is practically no crime, even theft is unthinkable. Directly on the road near the farm often put a table with products - vegetables and fruits. There is also a price tag, scales, bags and a jar for money. And no one is around. This kind of self-service. In the afternoon they do not lock the house. The only exceptions are large cities.

In Norway, a lot of mushrooms and berries, but they are not accepted. Norwegians simply do not know how to do this. Therefore, in a productive year, you can easily collect a 100-liter bag of white mushrooms in a couple of hours.


The list of the most developed countries of the world continuesAustralia. This country is also not densely populated. However, 88% of residents live in cities. Isolation of the continent contributed to the development of unique representatives of flora and fauna. In addition, the country is rich in natural resources, it produces pearls, opal and unique pink diamonds. A mild climate and fertile soil allow the successful development of agriculture. Sheep breeding, cultivation of wheat and sugar cane is very popular. Australian wines are also highly valued.

the most economically developed countries in the world

Australia is often associated with kangaroos anddeserts, but there are more snow on the Australian Alps than in Switzerland. "Dog fence", built to protect against wild dogs, longer than the Great Wall of China. And in 2001, the Australian football team defeated the American Samoa team with an unprecedented score of 31: 0.


Switzerland occupies the third place in the rating of the HDI.This country is in the center of Europe. Despite its relatively small area, Switzerland is generously endowed with magnificent landscapes, mountains and lakes. Here the state maintains high employment of the population, which often distinguishes the most economically developed countries in the world. The sphere of tourism, mechanical engineering, the production of computer technology, metalworking and the production of watches are developed. In addition, Switzerland is one of the recognized financial world centers.

The government's approach to combatingdrug addiction. Drug addicts are given a place to sleep, a portion of food and a dose of the drug. Experts estimated that it is much cheaper and more effective than the consequences of crimes that would have been committed on the basis of drug addiction.


Denmark is on the list "Most economicallydeveloped countries of the world "under the fourth number.This is a small country in which the service sector is the most developed in the labor market.and agriculture is also developed.The number of pigs exceeds the population of the whole country fivefold.

the most economically developed countries in the world

A bicycle here is the most popular mode of transport. Not the least role in this was played by the fact that many Danes do not have a personal car, as the tax on it is extremely high.

The Faroe Islands, which today areterritory of Denmark, once belonged to Norway. To Denmark, they were added not in the usual way - the Norwegian king lost to the king of Denmark in the cards.


The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of a continental andisland part. The country has developed agriculture. Farmers produce 2.5 times more products here than farmers on similar land in the neighboring countries of the European Union. Here is the largest port in Europe, and the logistics of water transport the Netherlands occupy the first place in the world.

the seven most developed countries in the world

Active development and productiontelecommunication systems, equipment and first-class technology. From here to the most economically developed countries of the world annually export medical equipment worth tens of billions of euros.


Many of the world's most developed countries canboast vast territories and low population density. Germany in this respect is the complete opposite of them. It is by far the most densely populated country in the European Union.

the world's most developed countries ranking

The Germans are very hardworking. The working week lasts 6 days. And the punctuality and accuracy of this people have long been made up of legends. Germany is a recognized world leader in a number of technological and industrial sectors. All over the world, German cars are valued, which are actively exported from the country. A lot of scientific discoveries were made by German scientists. The amazing number of Nobel laureates from this country testifies to their contribution.


In the 1990s, Ireland was one of the mostpoor countries in Europe. And today it confidently outperforms the most developed countries of the world in terms of economic growth. This historically agrarian country has re-qualified and sent funds and forces to develop pharmaceuticals and manufacture high-tech components. Intel microchips are produced here, the headquarters of Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google and Linkedin are located here. Immediately produced products Apple.

list of the most developed countries in the world

The nature of Ireland is harsh and beautiful. Labyrinths of caves and mountains, steep cliffs and mysterious forests, picturesque seashores and limestone cliffs - all this is in Ireland. Lovers of ornithology can watch loons, fools and dead ends, admirers of marine life have the opportunity to see humpback whales, dolphins and seals. Three geoparks store treasures in the form of incredible landscapes. And for fans of antiquity throughout the country are scattered remnants of medieval taverhauses, built to strengthen the power of English peers.