Men's names on "K": list, meaning, characteristic

Did you know that not only the name affects the character and personal qualities of a person, but also the first letter? Male names on "K", their list and meaning in the material of the article.

What information does the name contain?

Male names on the "K" carry the maximalist principle "all or nothing". Such a man has a strong will and spirit. You can trust him with all your secrets, he will be able to save them.

For others, he often remains mysterious andsecretive. At the same time, male names on "K" give their owner a business grasp, a sense of responsibility and responsibility in their affairs. His decisions are always firm, but such a man is able to cede where there is an opportunity to find a compromise, preferring not to participate in the conflict. It is assembled and does not mix love and workspace.

Men's names on the "K" are Russian

Name and personal qualities

Male names on "K" give the owner integritynature. The man is firmly on his feet, adapting himself to the living conditions. To him intrigues and cunning are alien. He also tries to avoid difficult situations. The owner of such a name prefers to think logically and look for the causes of certain events, to connect them with each other.

Male names on "K" inspire their masterlove of nature and the world around us. He is able to collect the information you need. His performance and ability to promote any projects can only be envied. True, sometimes a man with that name can be petty.

Male names on the "K"

Name Values

List of Russian male names for "K" and their meanings:

  1. Casimir. The meaning is "reconciling". He is purposeful, self-sufficient, self-willed.
  2. Kasyan. The meaning of the name is translated as "from the clan of the Cassias". He is energetic and arrogant, quickly addicted.
  3. Kim. One of the names-abbreviations in Soviet times. It means "communism and Marxism." Equilibrated, purposeful and very mobile.
  4. Kirill. The meaning of the name is "strong, imperious". Sensitive, purposeful, hardworking, everything is achieved by own strength.
  5. Clim. The meaning is "indulgent gentle." Resolute, energetic, impulsive man.
  6. Konstantin. The value is "persistent, permanent". Sensitive, tenacious and very patient person.
  7. Cornelius. Presumptive interpretation of the name is "archer". He is thorough and reliable. Such a man developed self-esteem.
  8. Kuzma. The meaning of the name comes from the word "space". Other sources treat it as "decoration." He is peaceful, has developed self-esteem. The soul of the company with a good sense of humor.

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