Is it true that the actress Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child?

Elena Zakharova - one of the few actressesRussian cinema, which journalists and the whole society as a whole immensely loves and adores. She is closely watched, many people write about her, and not all information is truthful and reliable. She is pretty, thin, red-haired, fragile, charming - this is not all the distinctive features of a talented woman. She is fond of fate in her career - she is quite successful and in demand.

However, the life of the actress was heavy,even the tragic moments that she endured. It is because of these hardships that have fallen to the lot of all the famous heroine from the series "Serafima", a huge number of fans are closely monitoring their personal lives and are tormented by the question of whether Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child. Why fans are so concerned about the personal life and maternal status of the actress, we will try to tell today.

Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child

A few words about childhood and dreams

Many people think that Elena Zakharova is a beginneractress, because she looks very young. At 41, the woman has played more than 70 serious roles in films and boasts a huge number of created characters on the stage. Her mother dreamed of becoming an actress, but very early met her love, which was the father of Zakharova. Young people were married, barely Elena's mother turned 18 years old. From the actor's future had to be abandoned, because the family was born a child, and the young husband was not happy with the intentions of his wife. The girl was very fond of her childhood, and probably her mother's youthful dreams were passed on to the baby - she was delirious that she would become a famous actress. Her parents predicted her career as a ballerina, but Elena was adamant. She achieved her goal by subduing the teachers at the Shchukin school. Itself, not having influential acquaintances and necessary connections.

Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child in 2015

Short-lived happiness of motherhood

Returning to the main issue of the article, namely:is it true that Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child - it is worth saying a few words about her first child and about the tragedy that occurred in the life of the actress. So, in 2010, Elena gave birth to a girl. The baby was long-awaited, her father was a civil husband - Sergei Mamontov. Anna Maria, that is how the newborn was called, was absolutely healthy child. By the way, in an interview with Julia Menshova, the actress said that she gave up her career when she gave birth to a child.

The second option for Elena Zakharova was simply not:she wanted to spend all her free time with the baby. At the age of eight months the baby picked up a virus and, unfortunately, could not overcome it. All attempts by doctors to save the child were in vain, and Anna Maria died. It is this tragedy that made millions of fans of the actress empathize with the woman and wish with all her heart that Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child.

Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child when

Ruined marriage

Recalling the well-known proverb about trouble, whichone does not come, we should say the following: on the eleventh day after the tragedy, Sergei's husband Zakharova left her, accusing him of divulging all information concerning their deceased daughter. After that, Zakharova did not give up her hands, but gave herself completely to work. She believes that despondency is a sin, so despite everything moves forward and sees light at the end of a difficult journey. In one of the interviews, the actress said that the pain that lives in her heart has not gone anywhere. Perhaps over time it will be a little dull if a woman gave birth to a second child. Elena Zakharova never denied that she would be happy to have a family and children. It's just that her time has not yet come.

Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child photo

The wave of 2015

More recently, the Internet has stirred up the news thatElena Zakharova gave birth to a second child. In 2015, and then this information was actively discussed in the press, the fans could not calm down and wait for the statement of the actress herself, concerning this interesting fact. However, Zakharova for a long time did not react to such articles and speculation, and a few months after the news appeared on the web, the fans realized that this was just a journalistic "duck" (the so-called fiction among pen workers). Later, Zakharova still commented on the situation and said that she had not informed anyone about any pregnancy. The woman noted that choosing the dresses of a free cut, she could not think of the consequences that dressing in a spacious outfit might turn out to be.

A new burst of curiosity

On this story with the pregnancy of the actress is notover. After a certain amount of time after the appearance of the "duck" about Zakharova's second pregnancy (about 9 months, laid for the bearing of the child), the most popular request of the Network in 2015 is from whom Elena Zakharova gave birth to the second child. Of course, the believable information on this issue could not be found and the fans gradually calmed down. Elena Zakharova understands her fans and does not take offense at their excessive attention. She said that as a child, when she dreamed of becoming famous, she was already ready for a general stir around her person. And returning to the question that Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child in 2015, it can be safely called his fiction and someone's guess.

Elena Zakharova gave birth to the second child of 2015


Actress Zakharova does not like to sit around.She loves traveling and almost never remains alone. According to her own confessions, she is not alone. By the way, the woman says she is not deprived of male attention, but now her heart is free. Perhaps she just does not want to advertise a new novel, so she hides her current elect. Most recently, on her official page in Instagram, Zakharova shared with the subscribers a new post, which again caused a wave of questions about her pregnancy. Many people confidently state that Elena Zakharova gave birth to a second child. The photo with the children on her page is nothing more than a confirmation of this fact. However, all this again is just speculation, and, perhaps, a desperate desire of loyal fans to rejoice over Zakharov, even if by conjecture.