Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Sète, Marseille - the ports of France. Short description and features

In France, a fairly good and stableeconomy, as well as a well-developed waterway. The latter stretched more than 10 thousand km. If we talk about the largest ports, we can distinguish such as Le Havre, Marseille, Bordeaux, Seth and others. They play an important role in trade relations between states and allow developing the economic sphere. For the year, only one Marseilles carries out more than 90 million tons of traffic. What can we say about the total weight of cargo, which is unloaded and sent to the ports of France.


Marseille is the largest seaport not onlyFrance, but also the entire Mediterranean. It is located in the south-eastern part of the country, on the shores of the Gulf of Lyon. Through the city passes a canal connecting the river. Ron with a small strait. Marseille is a large settlement, in size, second only to the capital. Like other ports of France, described is a commune. The population of the city is 852 thousand people.

Marseille was founded long before our eraGreek tribes of the Phocians. The whole long history of the city was reflected in its appearance: narrow stone streets, fortresses, cozy coves with azure water - this looked like a port before, so it remained now. From the sights of the village you can see the Old Town, the Castle of If, the Friul Archipelago.

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Seth is another French commune city,located on the banks of the Gulf of Lyon. This is a major port of the state. The city is on the hill of St. Clair. From the northwest side, Seth is bordered by Lake Ethan de To (France). The port is designed in such a way that several channels pass through it, connecting the reservoir with the bay. The presence of artificial streams, which are overseen by sightseeing boats, makes the city look like Venice. The climate of Set is Mediterranean, hot. The population of the city is 44 thousand people.

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Le Havre

Le Havre is the commune of the north of France, one of the largestports of the state. The city is located in the Upper Normandy region. The settlement is divided into two districts: upper and lower. Almost on all its borders, Le Havre is surrounded by water, by the way, like all other ports of France. The commune is located in the estuary of the Seine, has a direct access to the English Channel. The construction of the city began in 1517 on the orders of King Francis I.

The English Channel has a significant impact on the climateLe Havre. Often it is changeable. Precipitation falls evenly throughout the year, only slightly increasing in the autumn. The weather in the city is always windy. Currently Le Havre is a large industrial center of France.

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Strasbourg is a commune of the north-eastern partFrance, is part of the department of Lower Rhine. This port city is located on the left bank of the Rhine, almost on the border with Germany. The population is 272 thousand people. In Strasbourg, the Council of Europe and its parliament sit, so the city is often called the parliamentary capital of Europe. Unfortunately, other ports of France can not boast such a value.

Strasbourg, along with Marcel, is considered one of thethe ancient cities of their part of the world. It is known that the first settlements here appeared in the VI century BC. e. In the past centuries the city was considered the largest industrial center of France, as it was in the historical zone of Alsace. Currently, the development of Strasbourg is aimed at information technology, medicine, creativity and tourism.


Bordeaux is a port city in France on the bank of the river.Garonne. It is located in the south-west of the country, the capital of the historical region of Aquitaine. In the city there are 285 thousand people. Since ancient times, Bordeaux has been famous for its success in the field of winemaking, thanks to the famous vineyards. The French drink has acquired a special status in the world. The climate in the city is temperate sea, with mild rainy winters and moderately hot summers.

On the outskirts of Bordeaux is the famoushistorical area Port of the Moon. This part of the city received its name because of the bend of the riverbed, which resembles a young month. The Port of the Moon is the historic center of Bordeaux, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a unique urban ensemble of the Enlightenment.