Elena Zakharova: filmography, main parts, photo

Elena Zakharova is a well-known theater andmovie actress. Love of the audience gave her a role in the series "Kadetstvo", as well as participation in numerous theatrical productions. The filmography of Elena Zakharova has more than eighty full-length pictures and serials. In addition, the actress actively performs on television in popular shows.

Brief biography of the actress

The future actress was born in Moscow, 2November 1975. Elena's parents had nothing to do with cinematography - they worked in the hotel sphere. The girl was very active and mobile from childhood. At the age of six, Lena studied at a children's choreography studio, and two years later her mother took her to a ballet school. However, from the career of the dancer the girl refused, not wanting to sacrifice her favorite sweets.

Elena Zaharova's filmography
Then Elena was engaged in theatrical and modelstudios. Even then, she firmly decided to become an actress. After the eighth grade, the girl even submitted documents to the theater school, but failed at the exam. Knowing Elena's cherished dream, her friends somehow made fun of her: by phone they invited him to try. Inspired, the girl rushed to the film studio. And then fate itself intervened: an assistant of the director of a children's film-fairy tale passed by. Noticing the red-haired girl, he immediately invited her to a small role. So the actress Elena Zakharova was born. Her filmography, however, began a few later, when the girl was noticed and invited to the first serious role.

After school there was an admission to the Shchukin school.Talent, choreographic preparation and interesting appearance helped Elena to pass the exams on the first try. In 1998, Zakharova was invited to the Theater of the Moon, where she plays to this day. Gradually, while working on the productions, the actress began to appear in full-length films and serials.

Today, Elena with great success in the cinema and television, participates in theatrical productions.

filmography of Elena Zakharova

The Star Trek

The first film success came to Elena on the secondyear of study at the school. She was invited to participate in the filming of the tape "The Shelter of Comedians." In the film, actors such as Ivan Okhlobystin, Konstantin Voinov, Lilia Smirnova were involved. Filming in this film caused conflicts with the school's leadership because of the passes. However, she soon managed to prove that she could perfectly combine her studies and work, and she earned a reputation as one of the most successful female students. This was the first main role played by Elena Zakharova. Her filmography as a serious artist began with these filming.

The theatrical debut was just as bright and interesting.The leaders of the Moon Theater noticed her and called for the role of Rosemary in the production of "The Night is Tender." The pretender was over fifty, but Elena was chosen.


Until a certain time, Elena basically playedin theatrical productions, confining himself to only small roles in the cinema. In 2000 she was invited to shoot the youth series "Simple Truths". After that, Elena Zakharova often received invitations to shoot. But the real popularity came to her after participating in the series "Kadetstvo". The role of graceful Polina Sergeevna and her relationship with one of the main characters, Maxim Makarov, have become almost the most burning topic for all fans.

This series and its continuation became one of thethe most beloved television projects, where Elena Zakharova was shot. Filmography has been expanding since then. The girl was invited to both feature films and serials. Did not stay aside and active theatrical activities.

Elena Zaharova filmography starring

Filmography and main roles

In many films and television seriesplay Elena Zakharova: filmography (the main role is an impressive part), it is filled with interesting pictures that emphasize the individuality of the actress. Career in the movies does not stop for a minute. Among the most famous of her roles can be called work in the series "Fifth corner", "Truckers", "Ermolovs." And for participating in the picture "Tartarin from Tarascon" Zakharova received an award at the festival in Gatchina.

Elena is able to combine work in film andnumerous performances. She played in the productions not only of the Theater of the Moon, but also of Oleg Tabakov, as well as in the agencies LeCur, Art Partner XXI and others. During the time Elena worked successfully to play many bright roles. But the best, according to the actress herself, is her work in the play "Hamlet". In it she played Ophelia. For this role, Elena was awarded the "Seagull" prize.

Personal life

Elena Zakharova, whose filmography is full ofdifferent roles and exciting love stories, he prefers not to advertise his private life. It is known that for many years she had close relations with the well-known businessman Sergei Mamotov. In 2010, the press even had information that the couple had secretly issued a legal marriage.

A year later Elena and Sergei had a daughter,but eight months later the child died because of a serious viral infection. This grief put an end to the relationship of the couple. Immediately they parted. And Elena, as she could, was looking for solace in work.

Currently, the heart of the actress is free.

actress Elena Zaharova

Interesting facts about Elena Zakharov

Elena Zakharova is a talented and charismatic actress. Her filmography is constantly replenished with new roles. However, this is not the only thing that an interesting and attractive actress.

  • For filming in the movie "Shelter of Comedians" red-haired beauty Elena had to be painted black. But after this work on the photo again it was possible to see the natural appearance of the actress.

  • After the participation of Elena in the play "Hamlet" famous critics called it the best Ophelia of our time.

  • Zakharova actively participates in popular television projects. Reality show "Empire", "Dancing on ice", "Battle of psychics" - these are just some of them.

Elena Zaharova's filmography
Talented, original, interesting - this isElena Zakharova. The filmography, photos and personal life of the actress remain the subject of constant attention of fans. And she does not cease to please them with fruitful work in the theater and on television and with new bright roles.