Linda Lee Cadwell, wife of Bruce Lee

Linda Lee Cadwell is a woman who managed to conquerthe heart of the famous Bruce Lee and create a family with him. How did she manage it, where did they meet, so different and completely different from each other people? Many are interested in these questions. Let's see how it all began ...


the wife of Bruce Lee

The first and only wife of Bruce Lee, the legendaryactor and fighter, Linda Emery (Emery - her maiden name) was born in the city of Everett, Washington, in 1945, on March 21. Her Swedish-English family professed Baptism. Their fateful acquaintance with Bruce took place in Seattle, in the Higher Garfield School, where Linda was at that time studying, and Lee came to read several lectures. It happened in 1962, Miss Emery was then only 17 years old. Bruce was 22 at that time, and he taught kung fu and philosophy at the University of Washington. She came to him and started studying in his section. A beautiful and purposeful blonde could not leave the master indifferent, they had a romance, which two years later led to the wedding. Linda and Bruce in 1964, on August 17, became a legal husband and wife. I must say that not everyone was happy about this marriage. In particular, Linda's parents were very strongly against, they were embarrassed by Lee's nationality. But young people were able to defend their feelings and overcome all ethnic prejudices.

Linda and Bruce

biography of linda whether cadwell

Biography of Linda Lee Cadwell has become known to everyonethanks to the union with Bruce Lee. After all, if not for him, who would have heard of a simple Scandinavian girl, a teacher by education? But she was able to fascinate him. After she began to learn from him kung fu, he did not last long and first invited her to a date. At that time, Bruce looked chic: sporty, muscular, confident, strong, well-groomed and handsome - well, how could you resist? Linda could not resist. Bruce Lee's wife became not only his beloved woman, but the mother of his children, support and support in all endeavors, and just a friend. In marriage, they lived for nine years, until Bruce's most unexpected and sudden death. It was during the family life with Linda that Master Li reached the peak of his career and came to unprecedented success. She encouraged him in confidence that he could do everything, and he could.


Linda Cadwell and Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee quickly became verya highly paid coach in the US, even Hollywood stars came to his classes, one training session cost more than two hundred dollars. He also starred in serials and films, but he was not given the main roles, which made him very frustrated, as he was quite an ambitious man. However, later in Hong Kong, he was invited to play a major role in the movie "The Big Boss", in which all the scenes of fights were put and worked out by Bruce too. The picture was a big success, and Bruce Lee became a well-known and popular actor. But, despite his growing popularity, he did not forget about karate. Lee began to develop his own style - jeet kun to, the way of a leading fist, which included elements of a variety of combat systems.


Linda Lee Cadwell and Bruce Lee became the parents of twochildren, Brandon and Shannon. Son Brandon was born in 1965, and daughter Shannon in 1969. Bruce began to coach Brandon since childhood, and he followed in the footsteps of his father. He perfectly mastered the martial arts and became a good actor. Unfortunately, his life was cut off as early and suddenly as Bruce's. Brandon Lee died on the film "Raven" in 1993, he was only 28 years old.

And Shannon was quite a baby when her father did notbecame, but it did not prevent her to be proud of him and keep a memory of him. Shannon studied vocal, but later also set foot on the path of father and brother. At the moment, she has about nine films on her account, some of them biographical - about Bruce Lee, but there are well-known pictures, for example, "Blade", "Cage-2", "High Voltage". Now Shannon is the head of the non-commercial foundation named after Bruce Lee, who promotes the master and martial arts to the masses.

is the wife of Bruce now

The death of Bruce Lee

In just 28 years, Linda Lee Cadwell became a widow. July 20, 1973 happened terrible - Bruce died. Suddenly, unexpectedly. This news horrified the whole world, what can we say about a loving wife! Bruce Lee's wife was in mourning. Versions and conjectures about his death were many, arguments about this are still going on. As the official cause of death at the moment, death from brain edema took place due to an allergic reaction to the taken pill. But rumors were very different - and the revenge of the Triad, comprehended him after many years, and killing by competitors, and the curse of the house in which he lived ... But what really happened, no one now knows. The great martial artist is buried in Seattle, in the cemetery of Lakeview Semetri. The inscription on his monument reads: "Bruce Lee, the founder of Jeet Koon Do. Your inspiration continues to lead us to our own freedom." Next to him, his son, Brandon, is buried. Even nowadays, fans come here to pay tribute and pay tribute to a man who turned the world's view of martial arts.

Future life

Linda Cadwell

After all these events, Bruce Lee's wife continuedlive on, educating their children. But she did not forget the master and how she could continue his work. She wrote books about him, she made films, so that the world would remember him too. Until 2001, she developed and taught his style of combat - Jeet Koon Do. Now their daughter Shannon is doing all this.

In 1988, only 15 years after Lee's death, Linda married a second time - for Tom Bliker. However, this marriage was unsuccessful and lasted only two years.

But still Linda found her happiness again. Bruce Lee's wife is now married to Bruce Cadwell. They were married in 1991 and are still together.