Favor is the most important human quality

For a long time people appreciate the attentive and sensitive toa relationship that, in fact, is called humanity. Only that person who knows how to manifest these traits of character is considered a real person. And then you can not do without such a trait as favors - it is the ability to do good to people around you in any life situation. In other words, to do them good.

Let's talk about this spiritual quality a little more in detail.

favors it

The origin of expression

Note that the word we are talking about today,has an ancient origin. It consists of two roots. The oldest root of "blessings", denoting good and truth, and the root "slope", signifying adherence to something.

The favor of man is always the personal quality of his soul.

As a result, the direct meaning of this expression is obtained: to incline towards good, to follow the true path of life.

This expression was used to denotesympathy with which a senior in age or in rank was a minor. Favor is human participation, the ability to understand another person

Forgotten word

Today, this expression is used in speechas often as we would like. And meanwhile in our society there is a lack of such moral quality. After all, benevolence is the trait that allows people to help each other, create conditions for the world to have a little more joy and love.

favors of man

But how can we ensure that people show such an attitude towards us?

Psychologists advise younger members of societyto try to win the favor of their older comrades. To do this, you must treat them with due respect and attention, try to make them pleasant, listen to their advice and instructions and so on. Then there will be favor - this is like an answer to the voice that we give in the cave, it's an echo of our own attitude to life and to people.