Actor Nikitin Alexander: biography, personal life. Top Movies

Actor Nikitin Alexander has gained popularitythanks to the historical drama "Devil from Orly. Angel of Orly ", in which he played one of the key roles. He can often be seen in the series, but it contains his filmography and successful film projects. Alexander does not hide that the size of the fee is of great importance for him in choosing roles, but he is ready to shoot for good directors for good directors. What else is known about the "simple guy from Latvia"?

Actor Nikitin Alexander: biography of the star

The future artist was born in a smallthe Latvian town of Skrunda, occurred in November 1974. As a child, actor Nikitin Alexander was forced to experience all the hardships of the "nomadic" way of life, as the father-soldier transported the family from city to city. However, little Sasha grew up as a sociable boy, easily got acquainted with his friends.

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Alexander was already a teenager when his familysettled in the Ukraine. The decision to choose a profession was taken by the guy impulsively. As a child, he rarely participated in school amateur performances, did not attend drama circles. Therefore, relatives and friends were very surprised when they found out about his admission to the acting department of one of the Kharkiv universities. After receiving the diploma, the beginning actor Nikitin performed for several years in the theaters of Kharkov, Donetsk, Kiev.

First roles

Alexander's debut in the movie took place only in 2001year, when he got a role in the drama "I will not return." By this time the young man had already acquired a solid experience of playing on stage, but he did not intend to associate his life with the theater alone, dreaming of fame and recognition. The picture "I will not return" did not give him fame, but the next project was more successful.

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Actor Nikitin liked the director Tian-Min Wu,who worked on the adaptation of the work Voynich "Gadfly". The talent of the young man impressed the master so much that he decided to entrust him with a key role. Having played the central character in the Ukrainian-Chinese film, Alexander was able to draw attention to himself. It's no wonder that he did not have any more problems finding roles.

Top Movies

Alexander Nikitin is an actor who, by the age of 44,"Try on" a lot of unlike each other, brilliantly coping with each of them. A lot of fans appeared at the man after the release of the tape "Devil from Orly. Angel of Orly "with his participation. He remarkably succeeded in the role of an emigrant from Russia, who fled to France and tried to acquire friends from among the local nobility.

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A completely different image of Nikitin happened to be embodied inthe teleproject "Soldiers 15. A New Call". His Major of Kindness turned out to be a complex and multifaceted person. On the one hand, the character is ready to go on the heads, climbing the career ladder, on the other - admires his devotion to friends and family. I remember the actor as a biological dad of the central hero of the series "Closed School". His character - a man who constantly gets into dangerous adventures because of his adventurous veins.

Finally, one can not ignore the picture"The most simple surname." In this film, Alexander got the role of the famous politician Aliyev, once the former head of Azerbaijan. It is known that Nikitin's casting was possible in the first place because of his some external resemblance to Heydar Aliyev.

Relations with women

Alexander Nikitin is an actor whose personal lifeuntil it was formed. The first marriage of a man occurred during his early youth, was the same impulsive decision as the choice of acting profession. The name of the first wife Nikitin from the press hides, not wanting to be disturbed. Despite the short existence of this marriage, Alexander had a son in him. The actor honestly admits that he is not an exemplary father. He rarely had time to communicate with the heir, which he now regrets.

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Actress Nadezhda Bakhtina - the second woman, onwhich Alexander Nikitin married. The actor and his wife met on the set, playing in the project "The Devil from Orly." At first they played love, because according to the plot their characters were in love with each other, even they were married at the end. However, gradually the feelings turned into real ones.

The marriage was concluded in 2007, and already in 2012 againwas free Alexander Nikitin. The actor and his wife were constantly lost on the set, spending a lot of time outside of Russia. The lack of communication led to a cooling in the relationship, the matter ended in parting. Nobody knows if the star of domestic cinema has a girl at the moment, whether he plans to marry again.

Interesting Facts

Actor Nikitin Alexander sincerely does not understandpeople willing to spend their time on endless get-togethers, it is rarely to be found at social events. This does not mean that Alexander belongs to the category of home-stayers. A man loves to travel, dreams of exploring the Amazon jungle once. Unfortunately, a tight schedule makes him constantly postpone the realization of this desire.

The most "fresh" projects with the participation of Nikitin: "Provocateur", "Celebration of disobedience", "Division", "Love Network".