Beautiful male names (American)

American male names

American names united in themselvesa significant portion of Anglo-Saxon and Anilian nicknames. In addition, for many years, borrowing from European and Asian cultures took place, and in the heyday of Christianity, preference was given to biblical and Hebrew names. Formation of the American nationality is based on the English, Irish and Scottish cultures, which at the end of the XVIII century emigrated from their native places. Later there was a mixture with the Dutch, Germans, French and Swedes. However, it is believed that American male names, like most of the traditions prevalent in this territory, are rooted in English culture. Even now the nation of America continues its development. For example, the three-member naming system is widely used, when the form "first name-second name-surname" is used instead of name and surname.

The most popular male names

In this case, the first or personal name is consideredmost important. It is not only a nickname, which is represented by a person, but is also understood as officially fixed at birth. Second, or secondary, the name is rarely used and often denotes belonging to the locality or family, and is also named after celebrities or important events. It is difficult to find a country whose natives did not settle in the United States. A nation with a complex history, many victories and defeats is so famous in the world that more and more often around the globe you can hear beautiful American male names.

Naming Traditions

As in the traditions of many nations, newbornsUS residents receive their name from their parents in accordance with the wishes of relatives or religious preferences. Most often young moms and dads adhere to interpretations of various lists and reference books, in which traditional nicknames and their meanings are presented. Male American names should blend well with the surname, be euphonic and easy to pronounce, but nevertheless inspire respect and represent their possessor with the best and most beneficial side. In addition, the use of various derivatives is widespread.

The result can be considered male names(American), which were formed by adding suffixes, reducing the original name, or by binding to a specific locality. An excellent example may be the name of Robert, which has 10 derivatives. Elizabeth stands out among women's nicknames, which counts up to 34 derived forms, from Eliza to Lizzie.

Beautiful American male names
Americans often receive the names of their relatives, such as a father or grandfather. In this case, the prefix "senior" is added to the name of the senior member of the family, and to the younger one, respectively, "junior".

The most popular male names and their meanings

  • James is a conqueror, an invader;
  • Joseph is a multiplier;
  • John - kind, majestic, divine;
  • David is a lover;
  • Christopher is a follower of Christ;
  • Michael is godlike;
  • Patrick is a nobleman, an aristocrat;
  • Robert - well-known, dear to people, pleasant in communication;
  • William is the protector, guardian;
  • Edward - prosperity, development, improvement.
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