How does the temple differ from the church: community meeting or religious structure?

Few people who consider themselves to beor another religion, will be able to unequivocally answer the question of what the temple differs from the church. And they, in turn, have a huge number of differences. It can not be said that the latter are sufficiently serious or significant, but a self-respecting religious minister or believer needs to be aware of them. Now we will try to consider the main points of what the temple differs from the church.

than the temple is different from the church

There are several definitions of the word "temple". One of them says that it represents a place where worship takes place. It is in this concept that the temple and the church are synonymous. In addition, you can define it and as a place that causes trembling before God. And here the church becomes its analog. However, in addition, it also means the very community of ministers or followers of one particular religion.

Speaking of what the temple is different from the church,one can not ignore their functions. In principle, both of these elements have one purpose - to give a person a place where he can turn to God, ask for something, pray, thank him for anything, or give alms in his honor. The temple is such a structure where God is present. The church also does not lag behind this concept, but it has another goal, which is more significant. Here all the parishioners are trained, educated and on the path of the true instructed.

what is the difference between a church and a church
In fact, reflections on what the temple is different aboutfrom the church, cause controversy, and quite active. Some will argue that there are no special differences, others will vigorously prove the opposite. One thing is for sure: there are differences and similarities. The main difference is in architecture. The status of the church or church is determined by the number of domes decorated with a crucifix. The first has much more. The church, as a rule, is made out with one or two domes, in the structure of the temple there must be more than three. Interior is also considered a distinctive feature. The interior of the temple is usually painted in such a way as to reflect the complete history of the universe. In addition, it looks more beautiful than the church. This contributes to the fact that it is located in certain parts of the village, it is like a property of the city. The interior of the church, as a rule, is more modest, equipped with icons and a multicolored mosaic.

If we continue to search for what distinguishes the temple fromchurch, then you can pay attention to the altar. To be more precise, then to their number. In the church it is in a single copy. Despite the fact that it is often possible to meet here several priests, the liturgy will only be served once, since the altar allows you to serve only once a day. In the temple of altars much more.

what is the difference between a church and a temple

It can not be said that a believer is sobe sure to know what the church differs from the temple. This is due to the fact that this knowledge does not strengthen faith, nor does it weaken it. If anyone is interested, then he can collect information. However, it will not become the basis of faith, because God must be in the heart, and any religious worship is not calculated by the amount of relevant knowledge.