Elena Kostyuchenko: journalist and public figure

Elena Kostyuchenko is one of the most scandalousjournalists of Russia. She does not hide her unconventional orientation, which is not typical for famous public people. Courage? Maybe ... Who is she really? Everyone should decide for himself.

Facts from childhood Elena Kostyuchenko

Elena Kostyuchenko was born (her biography is knownnot all) in the then Soviet city of Yaroslavl September 25, 1987. In 1993, she went to school. The journalist's youth fell on the turbulent 1990s, when the country's lifestyle and rules of behavior changed completely. It seems that this is not connected with the biography of a particular person, but it is in this case that one can say: under the Soviet way of life, Kostyuchenko would not be able to express her sexual position in an open form, and it is unlikely she would have formed such a world view.

Elena costume

Back in school, Kostyuchenko started her journalistic career.career. It was published then in the Yaroslavl newspaper Severniy Krai. Already at that time in its articles can be seen atypical thinking of the author, some kind of protest. Elena herself said that she liked the articles of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was killed in her own house.

Elena Kostyuchenko. Novaya Gazeta opens new star

Naturally, such an original personality asElena, could not settle forever in Yaroslavl. In 2004, she entered the Moscow University of Journalism. The girl studied for a year and realized that it is worth combining studies with work. In 2005, Kostyuchenko arranged a special correspondent for Novaya Gazeta. This step was the beginning of her real career. Of course, it was still far from fame, but ...

Elena's costume new newspaper

Let's see what Kostyuchenko writes about in hisarticles. The first and, probably, the most important thing that can be noted is often the rising social issues. They are insignificant at first glance. For example, in one of the articles Elena emphasized the fact that the railway communication with the village in the Pskov region was canceled. She also very often mentions drug addicts, criminals, etc. in her articles and books. As noted by other Russian journalists, Elena often writes about people who do not want to break out of the social hole, and vice versa, make maximum efforts to rise from the bottoms of social degradation. Of course, Elena Kostyuchenko does not forget to write notes about LGBT from time to time, a movement of which she herself is a member. She is sure that homosexuals and lesbians should have the same rights in society with people of traditional orientation. The girl stands for legalizing unconventional marriages.

Elena's costume biography

Journalistic awards

Such an original journalist could not get aroundawards and awards for her work. 2013 was the most fruitful in terms of awards. Kazakhstan awarded her the "Freedom" award for a series of publications, speech about protests in one of the Kazakh regions. In the same year Kostyuchenko received the European Prize "Free Press of Eastern Europe". As you can see, Kostyuchenko's articles deserve the attention of the European reader. Well, at the very dawn of her professional career, a Novaya Gazeta journalist was awarded a second-degree diploma at the "Step to Success" competition.