Female Orthodox names, or how to name a daughter

The name is given to us from birth and for life. Needless to say that his choice should be approached with full seriousness. It's not for nothing that they say about a yacht, the sailing of which depends on its name.

In Soviet and post-Soviet times, childrentried to call or the most exotic then the names, for example, Diana, or the most common, such as Elena, Irina, Svetlana. Now most of the parents before the choice of a name for their child consult with the servants of the church or, at worst, reads special literature.

female orthodox names

In old times

Previously, women's Orthodox names were chosen andnames for boys in honor of the beloved in the family of the saint. And no matter what day the baby was born. Traditionally, the priest looked in the church calendar, which of the saints the church celebrates on the birthday of the baby. In his honor, and the child was called. Thus, after the sacrament of baptism, a small man received not only a name, but also his patron.

But it also happens that the women's Orthodoxnames are missing on the required day. Then the name was chosen from the next or even nearby days, up to the 8th. But everything depended on the kindness of the priest. Such names as Tranquillin, Akakiy or Bidzin, found in old books, say that the kindness of priests was not always manifested.

Female Orthodox names, as, indeed, anyothers have their own meanings, which should be an important factor in choosing a name for the child. For example, you called the girl Polina, and the meaning of the name literally - "wrecking wave." Prepare for the fact that the girl will be very active, domineering, going to her goal, no matter what.

Orthodox female names

An excellent source, never losingrelevance and offering Orthodox women's names, we can consider orthodox Christmas-balls. People who have names in honor of the saints or great martyrs who patronize this day, acquire a guardian angel for the rest of their lives. So, make the right choice!

How are women's Orthodox names chosen?

According to the Christian tradition, every day is a daymemory of one or more saints. And in order to correctly choose Orthodox women's names according to the church calendar, there are several rules.

Birthday. According to the calendar, the name of the saint is suggested, which will become the name of the baby. It will protect the girl all her life.

Eighth day. 8-ka is considered a symbol of eternity and a holy number in the Christian faith. Earlier, they baptized newborns on that day. And the names of the eighth day are considered the most successful and bring an easy and bright life.

Orthodox Christian names

On the fortieth day after birth, the baby is carried to the temple to perform the sacrament of Baptism.

Name days are the day of the celebration of the name of the Angel, to whom the newborn was named. In former times the name-day celebrations were celebrated with great glamor, went to church and put a candle to their patron.

Choose names correctly, they will patronize your child for life and protect him from all life's misfortunes!