White clover - a valuable plant with medicinal properties

Donnik is a highly nutritious foddera plant containing useful proteinaceous substances. The plant is cultivated mainly in two forms: yellow and white. In our country, white white clover was widely spread, which will be discussed in this article.

white clover

The white clover is a two-year-old plant,which belongs to the family of legumes. It forms powerful bushes, the height of which can be up to one and a half to two meters. The plant with flexible branches and triple leaves contains small flowers collected in narrow brushes. White clover has a core root, which can penetrate to a depth of up to two meters. Since the medicinal plant is a high-protein culture, it can be used in the preparation of hay, grass meal, haylage and silage. Being a valuable plant, the clover can play an important role in creating a fodder base and providing bee colonies with nectar and pollen.

Donnik is a culture of drought-resistant andfrost-resistant. Since the root system of the white clover has the ability to absorb from the soil various substances from not the most soluble compounds, the plant can grow on any type of soil, including light sandy loam and sandy, on which the cultivation of other herbs of the legume family is impossible. The area of ​​the plant's distribution includes the European part of Russia, the meadows of Siberia, and the Caucasus. Dry deserts, embankments of railway lines, roadside roads and field edges - are also the site of the growing white clover.

donnick's Photo

The reproduction of the white clover occurs with the help ofseeds. Mass flowering of the plant falls on the period before the start of frost. The white clover begins to blossom when the acacia and gardens blossom. An important role is played by white clover in the life of bee colonies. The moment of the main honey harvest promotes the best use of the plant. Honey from sweet clover is characterized by high taste characteristics. It is considered a reference honey, which has a light color, gentle pleasant taste and aroma, reminiscent of vanilla. In addition, sweet honey from the sweet clover, containing up to 60 medicinal elements, increases the hemoglobin content in the blood and improves the digestive organs.

honey from the clover

Donnik, photo and properties of which provethe value of this plant, plays an important role in the treatment of numerous diseases and is actively used in folk medicine. However, the plant is poisonous, which requires special attention to its use and application. Medicinal products, such as decoctions and ointments, created from white clover based on its medicinal properties, have analgesic, expectorant and wound healing qualities. Extracts of plants are used in medicine of different countries. So, in Poland the grass of the white clover is used for the occurrence of heart pain, insomnia, hemorrhoids and headaches. In India, a valuable plant is used as an aromatic, hemostatic, emollient and carminative. And in the folk medicine of Bulgaria, white clover is used as a sedative used for nervous attacks.