Where does Lyudmila Putina live?

After some time after the officialannouncements that the marriage of the Russian president has collapsed, now the former wife of Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila, has disappeared again. Virtually all print media wanted to know at any cost information about where Lyudmila Putin lives. By what means does it exist, what does it do? No one has yet given a clear answer to these questions.

Where does Lyudmila Putina live?

At the same time, addressed to journaliststhe press center of the presidential administration, the question of where Lyudmila Putin lives, her employees politely asked not to interfere in the personal life of the head of the Russian state.

Foreign media and bloggers also wanted to find out,what is after the divorce of the ex-wife of the president. And they have a clear version of where Lyudmila Putin lives now. Foreign publications reported that at present the ex-spouse of Vladimir Putin is in one small monastery, located near Pskov. It was this place that became the new haven for the wife of the Russian President.

However, according to Ukrainian journalists,in particular the source of TSN, the Savior-Elizarovsky Monastery, in which Lyudmila Putin resides, is considered not the most famous monastic abode, but at the same time it is a suitable place for solitude to pray and bring your thoughts in order. This complex of architecture played an important role for the entire Russian Orthodox Church, since it was here that the concept "Moscow - the Third Rome" was born.

Where now lives Lyudmila Putina

Currently, in all buildings of the monastery, wherelives Ludmila Putin, according to the assumption of Western media, a reconstruction was carried out. The landscape design was updated - a picturesque pond with fish appeared. In addition, at the final stage is the process of building hotels for tourists and tourists.

However, this quality of Ludmila Putin, as piety, was reported by both domestic and foreign media.

Most recently, the press reported onthat she was very close to the abbess of the Savior-Elizarov Monastery. Some printed publications immediately remembered the fact that someone on the settlement account of the monastery, someone for the purposes of reconstruction, listed about 500 thousand rubles.

Local journalist Oleg Dementyev on the question of how,where Lyudmila Putin lives now, replied: "One hundred percent to say that she is permanently staying in the monastery, it would not be true. She comes here periodically. At the same time, local residents are displeased with the fact that the monastery was transformed into a house church, through which mansions are built for state appropriations. "

Where does Putin's wife live? Lyudmila

However, where they are, the journalist did not specify. Some believe that the former companion of the life of the Russian president settled in a cottage on the territory of the Savior-Elizarov Monastery. Others, revealing the secrets of where Putin's wife Ludmila lives, reported that she prefers to live in a patriarchal house, which is located a short distance from the main buildings of the monastery.

At the same time, local residents are not particularly willing to discuss the details of the private life of the former wife of the Russian President.