What is the date of the nurse's day in Russia?

Feldshers are among the most valuablemedical specialists, so it is not surprising that in their honor in Russia there is a holiday. It is these people that save lives thanks to timely diagnosis and referral to a specialist doctor of people living in remote settlements. What day is the paramedic's day, absolutely everyone should know. After all, it is very important for these people that they are valued and remembered.

Who is the paramedic

A paramedic is called a person with an averageeducation in the field of medicine. He has the right to diagnose and establish a diagnosis, as well as to conduct self-treatment. If the paramedic is unable to conduct therapy on his own, he must send the patient to a doctor who specializes in the problem area. Job duties and standards of performing the work of a medical assistant in practice practically do not differ from the powers of therapists on the sites or doctors saving lives in the ambulance. In fact, these specialists provide first aid. Thus, we can safely say that the number of day physician day, should know and therapists, and ambulance staff. Also, this holiday is celebrated by laboratory assistants.

what day is the paramedic's day

What is the day of the nurse's assistant?

Its professional holiday medical assistants annuallynote on 21 February. Officially it is not approved. But medical workers of this class are sure that they are worthy of their assigned day. What day is the nurse's assistant, remember in all the hospitals. It is impossible not to find words of respect and gratitude, which should be said to these remarkable specialists. It is on how the medical assistant works in a village medical center or in an ambulance that the lives of so many people directly depend. On February 21, all cured patients gladly thank their rescuers and wish them good health and skills that will help them to help people in the future.

day of the assistant's medical assistant

As noted

What day in Russia is Day of the nurse, medicalthe workers decided for themselves. But despite the fact that the holiday is conditional, the state does not forget about these specialists. They are always supported by bonuses for services, they update the ambulance base, and also equip the offices on the ground. On this day, medical assistants are at their workplace, so they celebrate the holiday, saving lives for patients. On this day they perform their work in the same conscientious and high-quality manner. The only relief that ambulances and local paramedics themselves can afford is a lunchtime tea with delicious sweets and pies.

What day is the paramedic, laboratory technicians, tooremember strictly. This holiday applies to them. Therefore, they necessarily participate in the festive tea parties. In addition to a pleasant celebration and a minute of rest, by this day all the medical assistants prepare special reports. They count their achievements and send reports to the central hospitals.

What day is the feldsher of what number in Russia?
Thus, in addition to congratulations on a professional holiday, they still receive gratitude for the timely and quality performance of paper work and a large number of healthy patients.