The most popular perfume brands for men and women: brand lists

Perfumery is used if not all, then almost all the inhabitants of our planet. These are the means to help complete the image, to add some zest to it, or to make it look like mystery.

Today there are a variety of brandsperfume for women and for men. Among them there are both expensive and budget brands, as well as niche labels. There are also such trademarks that specialize in incense category unisex. Some manufacturers are concentrated in France, others in Italy, and still others in the United States. Some brands are known to the whole world, and others are heard only occasionally.

Perfumes come from France

The most popular are, of course,French perfume brands. This is the most expensive, high-quality and fragrant means, which not only ladies, but also gentlemen dream to get at their disposal. The most popular and famous French perfume labels are the following:

  • Chanel - a fashion house, which at the very beginning of itsactivity (1909) specialized in the creation of outfits and bags. Later, under this logo, spirits began to be produced that conquered the world and showed him what a real, daisy, enchanting and unforgettable aroma.
    brand of perfume
  • Guerlain - perfume house is considered one of themost ancient on Earth, because it was founded in 1828. The products of the trademark are characterized by a popular chord in the world called "Gerlinad", which was given the name of the same spirit in 1921.
  • Chrisrian Dior - the premiere of the spirits of thismanufacturer took place in 1947. Then the world saw the famous Miss Dior facility today. Other popular fragrant waters of this brand are Poison, Addict, Homme and Jadore.
  • Cartier - fashion house first produced perfume in 1981year. Now the brand is represented by a line of elite perfumes, which are well known to the audience: Must de Cartier Pour Homme, So Pretty, Le Baiser Du Dragon and other popular amber.
  • Lancome Paris - the label specializes in eliteand high-quality perfumery. The price of perfume of this brand is unusually high, but they are worth the fact that they were given such fabulous money for them. So, among such flavors can be identified O Oui, Tresor in Love, Magie Noire, Tresor and others.

Designer brands

There are such brands of perfume that helpgirls have an elegant appearance and feel like real goddesses. It is these perfumes that create designer brands, each of which differs in its nuances, style and idea. All their products are enclosed in small, but refined bottles, which in some measure are a continuation of the fragrance itself.

World-famous designer brands of women's spirits are:

  • Yves Saint Laurent: this manufacturer is better known asthe manufacturer of aromas for the stronger sex, but among its developments there are also real pearls of female fragrant means. Among the most successful ambergris are Cinema spirits with a floral essence, Opium Yves Saint Laurent, with oriental fascination and sensuality, Paris Yves Saint Laurent, characterized by refinement and softness, and other perfumes.

famous brands of perfume

  • Nina Ricci: Designer's label of women's perfume, created in1932 and gave the ladies several popular masterpieces. L'Air Du Temps - one of those spirits that belong to the category of the best perfumes of all time.

Italian perfumes

Italian perfume brands are not less thanpopular than their French "colleagues". They are also represented by world-famous names and are popular with women. So, the most desirable brands can be considered the following:

  • Giorgio Armani - perfume, toiletry and perfumeThe waters of this label remain one of the most recognizable and known on Earth. Female compositions represent the personification of the classical style, the ideal taste and luxury.
    brand perfume for women
  • Prada - all brands of perfume are differentfemininity, attractiveness and elegance. The brand is positioned as one of the most stylish and elegant not only in Italy, but all over the world.
  • Bulgari - the spirits of this label are said to be perfect in every detail. In the collection of the brand there are about four dozen male and female compositions.

Men's offers

Assortment of perfume for men is in no way inferiorwomen's arsenal. The most famous brand of perfume for the stronger sex knows almost every representative of the strong half of humanity. To such companies belong:

  • Ferrari - the basis of men's bouquets isWoody ambre, filled with freshness of the forest. The spirits of this brand are characterized by strength and speed, reviving when any of the brand's perfumes begin to unfold on the skin.
    famous perfume for women
  • Alfred Dunhill is a label trying to convey to its fans the value of the quality of men's perfume products.
  • Hugo Boss - perfume for men who try to demonstrate their elegance and character. This brand is chosen by those guys who like the looks, confidence and style.

For everyone and everyone

The most famous perfume brands for women and men that are the most in demand in the world are Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Lacoste, Davidoff, Dolce & Gabbana and many others.

These are the labels that for many yearsprove their genius and are constantly improving. Their products are in demand as much as possible. The spirits of these labels captivate a person and take him to some other, completely unreal world. These are beautiful compositions, fascinating from the first notes.