Snowboard wear are the secrets of the right choice.

Now it is fashionable to do sportsand monitor your health. There are many options for active recreation, but a huge number of people attract ski resorts. When the snowboard season comes, not only professionals, but also amateurs go to the snow-covered slopes of the mountains to exercise in the fresh air. Particular attention must be paid to the costume. After all, snowboard wear differs from the one in which we used to go to work or to the park in the winter. If you are a beginner, then in the relevant shops you can find everything you need: boards, boots, bindings and jackets for snowboarding. Everyday clothes will not work, because you can very badly overcool and get sick.

Many are interested in the quite natural question: "How to make a purchase so that snowboarding clothes are comfortable, quality and fit all the parameters?".

To begin with, you need to understand that the costumesnowboarder necessarily has many layers. The first is always thermal underwear. Its main function is to prevent supercooling of the body and body. It should not heat, as some "mountain specialists" think. When you are actively moving, the temperature of your body is growing, sweat is released, and as a result, the body is cooling. So the thermal underwear should absorb the moisture quickly and quickly and evaporate it. Such underwear usually consists of synthetic (polyester), although spandex or lycra are sometimes added. This is done so that the linen is well attached to the body. Remember the important thing - thermal underwear made of wool and cotton - not thermal underwear! It may contain a small percentage of cotton, but not 100% of it. So, it is important to know that thermal underwear should sit well on you and be of size. There are such models that fall just below the knees. In this case it is assumed that you will wear special snowboard socks.

Snowboard wear also has a second layer -heater. But he is called to save heat, but at the same time get rid of its surplus, take them outside, in any case there is no overheating. Fleece sweatshirt - an excellent second layer. The moisture passes very well through it. Somewhat worse is cotton in this respect, it does not breathe so well. But lovers of woolen sweaters must give up their habit of riding them on a snowboard. It is not right! The sweatshirt should be chosen according to the principle of convenience. It should not block your movements, but do not take too large a size.

And, finally, the third layer, which has clothessnowboarding is a membrane. The work of the first two layers completely depends on it. Have to spend a good amount of money to buy it. The task of this layer is not to let the moisture outside from inside. It can be both trousers, and snowboard jackets. Pants should be wide enough to perform various tricks, be sure to have loops for the belt and pockets. It is best to choose models with ventilation. The jacket should also be sufficiently loose. Try to put it on and raise your hand up. Feel? If the sleeve, as they say, does not pull, it means your size and you need to take it. It is best to choose models with different slings, "skirt", which will protect against getting snow inside the jacket. Very convenient internal pockets, which easily fit a mobile phone or player.

Be sure to think through accessories. Mittens are warmer than gloves, but they are inconvenient to struggle with fasteners. The cap should not restrict the view and protect the head from the wind. And glasses - the very thing that is necessarily included in the snowboarder's clothing. They protect from snow, sun, wind and so on.

Choosing ammunition for skiing, remember that snowboard wear should be comfortable, high-quality and have an acceptable price. Although you should not save on your own health.