Bag Furla: the best accessory of the modern fashionista

In the modern world, the Furla bag is not justaccessory, it's chic, worthy of the queen herself. This is a successful element of the image, a stylish little thing that can draw attention to its owner. That's why the products of the legendary brand are adored by women all over the world. Among them there are well-known personalities, and ordinary beauties who live in the cities of our country.

furla bag

A bit of brand history

Today, the bag Furla is sure to be in eachstarry cupboard. And the history of the brand began very modestly: in the distant 1927 the spouses Aldo and Margarita Furlanetto founded a small trading company. But the ambitious Aldo dreamed of creating his own line of accessories, because post-war reality bored women who wanted a holiday. His case was continued by the children, and then by grandchildren. And now the company "Furla" is at the height of glory: its products are known, loved and bought, no matter how expensive it may be. And boutiques of the brand are available in all capitals of the world fashion.

Secret of success

What is different from other manufacturerscompany Furla? Bags, photos of which you will see in our article, are really unusual. The founders of the brand always emphasized the highest quality and fresh design. They cooperate with recognized masters, and also are not afraid to go to experiments. Unique design, bright shades, supplemented by successful economic policy, is the secret of Furla's success.

furla bags reviews

A Furla bag is a product that can bemade of different materials: suede, natural leather (including rare species, such as the skin of a young calf, python, crocodile, nappa) and even plastic. The manufacturer does not try to reduce the price of its products, so it, as before, is manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Each element in the product is thought through very carefully. Much attention is paid not only to the design and accessories, but also to the dimensions of the product, capacity, ergonomic handles and so on.

Most popular models

Bag Furla - this is a real classic in the fashion world. And although the company already produces shoes, sunglasses, watches and much more, a hand-held accessory is a priority in the brand's activities. Each model of the brand is special and unique.

copies of furla bags

  • DIVIDE-IT - a model that is characterized by laconic forms, strict lines and a rich color scheme. This is a versatile bag, self-contained and very expressive.
  • AMAZZONE and JUCCA - bags that have similar shapes (trapezium that widens at the top), but completely different in decor and handle design.
  • FUTURA - a model of bags, which is characterized by a wider part below and a presence on top of the curly fringe.
  • PRATICA is the choice of business ladies. The bag is exquisite, stylish, moderately strict, capacious.
  • MARAIS, ROYAL, ELISABETH - models with soft forms.
  • CANDY - a bag shaped like a suitcase. A real hit that does not lose its popularity for several seasons in a row.

Candy Bag: sweet bag

Bag Furla (original) - it's always rightchoice. After all, its highest quality will not leave much to be desired. Especially if it's a Candy Bag model. A collection of accessories with this name appeared in 2011. It was so successful that the company issued several updates to this model several times. Handbags "Candy" differ in rich hues, like ripe berries or sweet candy, sometimes they are transparent, like a haze. They are made by hand from plastic in the form of "setshel", they are supplied with metal accessories and a removable lock, decorated with stylish prints.

bag furla original

There is such an accessory about 185 euros on the official website of the manufacturer. At times cheaper copies of Furla bags are sold, which differ little from the original product externally.

What people say

Bags Furla reviews get the very best. This is not surprising, because the manufacturer does everything to please its customers. Happy owners of accessories note that these are amazing products. Practical to the smallest detail, comfortable, and what they are beautiful! But the most important thing is that the handbag serves for a very long time, without losing its attractiveness. True, all this applies only to the original product, not replicas, and especially not fakes, which are often found in trading establishments.

To distinguish a firm bag "Furla" it is possible by that,that it is sold only in monobrand boutiques, occasionally occurs in multi-brand stores. Together with the product, the buyer is given a brochure, which lists all the official points of sale, and a tissue bag for puffing. If it is not, then most likely, you are trying to sell a fake.

In a word, bags from the Furla brand are solid advantages. Of the shortcomings can be distinguished except that one: a very high cost of the goods.

 furla bags photo

Interesting Facts

Today the bags of Furla reviews receive onlypositive. But very few people know that the brand can rightfully be considered an innovator in many industries. For example, it was she who first drew attention to such an accessory as a hand-made female bag, and turned it into an art object. The head of the fashion house offered to make the face of an advertising campaign of her own employees. Such unprecedented action was not left without public attention: brand products gained popularity not only among the elite of society, but also among ordinary people.

The company "Furla" is constantly working onimprovement, not stopping at what has been achieved. For example, she launched a program to find young talent with creative thinking. These designers then collaborate with the company, taking part in the development of new collections.

This is it, "Furla" is a company, bags from which all the fair sex dream to have.