Beige trousers: what to wear better?

Beige color at all times was considered a classic,so if there were no girls in the wardrobe, for example, beige trousers or a beige blouse, it could no longer be considered stylish and fashionable. However, this color is different from the rest of the gamut of classic colors - black and white, because it is not boring and unattractive. Dressed in a beige outfit, every girl will feel slim, sexy and elegant. And this is what the greater part of the fair sex strives for. Let's stop on the pants and tell you what beige trousers are, what to wear, and what combinations should be avoided.

beige trousers with what to wear
First, determine the style of the trousers, whichare ordinary, long and short. Now the shortened trousers are in fashion, but it should be remembered that this style looks better on tall girls with long legs. However, if you have a good, slender figure, then with the help of short trousers you can visually extend your legs.

Council of fashion stylists

Girls of low stylists advisebeware of baggy beige trousers, as they visually make you even lower. The most optimal option for you are a few short pants with a light (preferably white) topic.

If you are wondering: "With what to wear beige boots?" - then immediately draw your attention to the fact that such light shoes require the presence of the same light top. With boots of this color, trousers and blouses of classical colors will look good. However, it is not worthwhile to fully dress in the classics, otherwise your view will become too dim. Bright accessories, costume jewelry and handbag will help you to avoid this.

beige trousers
Useful recommendations

Now tips for those who bought narrow beigeTrousers, with what to wear them does not know, but wants to appear stylish and neat. First tip: do not be afraid to experiment with this color. It can perfectly combine with both classical and bright colors. Narrow pants fit tall girls with a slim figure. From above you can put on a tunic or a lush top so that there are different types of silhouettes. As shoes to these pants usually wear studs or ballet flats.

If you want to purchase dark beige tonesTrousers, with which to wear them will prompt fashion designers and fashion designers, since it is with this color produced a huge number of collections for any season. Dark beige trousers can be combined with a light top, it is possible even with the presence of several prints. However, even here it is necessary to make any bright accent to diversify the slightly boring classical scale.

with what to wear beige boots
Beige trousers: with what to wear from accessories

For beige trousers suitable single-color gloves,Different from trousers for one or two tones, costume jewelery of bright colors, or silver and bright handbag with prints (preferably abstraction). Also it should be noted that all the decorations should not be too rough, but rather massive, so as not to get lost on the background of a light color. Decorations "under a tree" will look very good.