What should I give my mother-in-law's birthday to please her?

The choice of gifts - for the male part of our planetthe situation is rather scrupulous. Of course, the easiest way is to give a sum of money, which is quite sufficient to purchase the desired one. Usually with your beloved wife this number goes through. But when it is necessary to make a present for the second mother, it's so easy to get rid of it will not work, you still need to present something. And in these moments, panic begins. What should I give my mother-in-law for my birthday? Not everything is so scary. Let's look at this problem in more detail.

what to give to my mother-in-law for my birthday
First of all, we must ask whether she hasany hobby or hobby. It is possible that the gift associated with her interest, will bring the birthday girl into indescribable delight. If she likes to embroider, it is likely that she will very much like an embroidery machine, a casket for storing hand-made little things or a special magnifying glass.

But what if my wife's mother does not like to embroider? Is it possible that she cooks with great pleasure? What should I give my mother-in-law for my birthday from kitchen utensils? Of course, the probability of getting confused in the large assortment presented in the stores is available. But in any case, she will appreciate this present. The main thing is not to give what she already has. It is likely that she initially will hardly get along with a microwave or aerogrill, but still she will be unspeakably happy about this gift.

Birthday gift for mother-in-law
But quite often men make mistakes in thisa difficult question. If you are thinking about what to give your mother-in-law for a birthday from cosmetics, while never noticing her with makeup, you can just offend this gesture. Also upset your second mother can set a pot or some pan, if, of course, she did not dream about them. The newest iPhone or tablet PC is also unlikely to please, if she hardly understands the old phone, using only the buttons "answer" and "end the conversation."

No less important point, which should be taken into account -it wishes the mother-in-law happy birthday. Here, too, is worth preparing, so as not to get into a mess and heartily please. Of course, it's easier to kiss your cheek and say: "Happy birthday to you, Mom!" But it's not so pleasant, as if you congratulate her in verse. Let it not be a poem, but only a couple of quatrains, but it will be unspeakably pleasant for her. The inexhaustible number of poetic wishes can be very easily found, but you can show your imagination and write your own congratulations.

An excellent gift for a mother-in-law's birthday will not only please her and your spouse, but also improve your relationship. This is especially true if you communicate rather strenuously.

wishes mother-in-law happy birthday
You can also pick up some originala gift in online stores. The portrait, embroidered with beads or painted on canvas, will certainly lead her to indescribable delight. You can also give a "gold mother-in-law" medal. Such a present is quite amusing, if, of course, congratulate no less original.

Do not always panic, thinking aboutwhat to give to my mother-in-law for my birthday. Most often this is not so problematic. This article looks at the options, as well as the mistakes that you should not make to avoid the insults of your second mother and your wife.