Dress in peas - elegant chic

It's amazing that a simple print in the form of peasfirmly entered the cloakrooms of the fair sex of completely different age categories and social statuses - from a small girl to her grandmother, from a student of the average college to royalty. "Princess in the beans" can easily be called Kate Middleton, who has repeatedly appeared before the public in a dress in peas. Of course, the relevance of such a thing in a given situation is directly related to the texture of the fabric. After all, a model of dress in peas with an open back can be referred to the category of "peasant style", if it is made of cotton or linen material. While a silk or satin version of a similar style will become the undisputed weapon of the fatal temptress.

dresses in peas
dress in peas

The classic print look is symmetrical pea oncontrasting background. It first appeared in France in the late eighteenth century and was the prerogative of the upper strata of society. Over time, the pattern has changed more than once in shape, arrangement on the fabric and the color scheme, but the traditional dress in peas remains relevant always. It can be put in an office, at a social event, at a movie or just for a walk, choosing a style according to the case. Since this model itself is very active, the excess of accessories can only harm the image. Monochrome shoes and handbag delicately balance the image. The formal appearance will give a fitted jacket, and romanticism and lightness - broad-brimmed hat. If the dress in peas is very close to the style of "retro", then in pursuit of vintage can get into a mess. And this means that gloves of past years and slippers in the style of the cinema 50's will not only add to the comic appearance, but also add age to its possessor.

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As for the transformed pea, herethere is no danger. A woman who preferred asymmetric print, more like an abstraction, is unlikely to wear classical boats or a string of pearls to him. But daring shoes, accentuating extra attention to the dynamic nature of the image, will do better than ever. Combining clothes with a different pattern in the form of peas is entirely acceptable, but the natural sense of style here is clearly not enough. To avoid mistakes, it is better to choose one "shabby" detail of the wardrobe, beating it with monophonic things.

Celebrities in a Dress in Peas

It is worth remembering that the full ladies will be slimmer,if they give preference to small peas on a dark background. Here works the well-known law - a large figure visually increases the volume. Stroynyashka lucky - they are all. It is very important that the color scheme is in harmony with the color of the skin and eyes. Did not pass over the picture in the form of peas and cocktail dresses. The catalog of any store decorates similar models from translucent material, which is not appropriate in all cases.

And if the dress in peas still decorates the display casestore, and not your wardrobe, it's time to correct this injustice. After all, it's worth to buy at least in order to feel like a real princess.