The most expensive watches in the world. What are they?

It's no secret that accessories in the worldsuccessful and rich people play a very important role in complementing the appearance. And, the richer the person, the more luxurious and attire, and attributes to him. One of the most revealing accessories is the watch, which we'll talk about in this article. Only not about simple, but about the most valuable, which is simply a decoration is very difficult. This is truly a work of art, which can easily be compared in beauty with the famous canvases of famous artists.

The most expensive watches in the world were produced in 2008 by Chopard. To date, the masterpiece of watchmaking and jewelry art is quoted at around $ 25 million.

The most expensive watches in the world
The originality of the design is thatthe dial is very small, but its framing is rather massive and consists of a scattering of diamonds. Three large precious stones (white, red and blue) are made in the form of a heart and have a total weight of 38 carats. But the cumulative weight of diamonds that adorn this model is 200 carats. This is the most expensive wrist watch in the world!
The most expensive wristwatch in the world

The second leader in the nomination "the most expensive in the worldwatch "- a model of Supercomplication, manufactured by Patek Philippe. This work of watchmaking was made in 1932 by special order of Henry Graves (a banker from New York), who was an avid collector of expensive wristwatches. The manufacture of the most complicated mechanism took five years for watchmakers, and if they lost the title "the most expensive watches in the world" with the advent of Chopard, then the title "the most complicated mechanism" is not! 900 parts, 24 functions, 18-carat gold on the case and silver on the dial - all this is estimated at 11 million dollars.

Perhaps not the most expensive watch in the world, butreally the most accurate and reliable - Platinum World Time from the well-known manufacturer Patek Philippe, invented in 2002. The unique self-winding mechanism and the function of specifying the exact time in all countries of the world were estimated at $ 4 million.

Watch Tour de l'le from the famous manufacturerVacheron Constantin - already a more democratic option at a cost of 1 million 500 thousand dollars, they have a very interesting and complicated clockwork. The perpetual calendar, sunset time determination, two time zones and an astronomical micro-indicator of the night sky are all collected from 834 small details.

The world's most expensive watches

Perhaps, if in the Super Ice Cube hours fromthe company Chopard was inlaid with diamonds not at 66 carats, but at 200, it would be the most expensive watch in the world. A little pretentious appearance does not prevent to ask the creators for their masterpiece one million and one hundred thousand dollars.

The unique design of the watch Black Hublot Caviar Bangis unlikely to leave indifferent real connoisseur of beauty. The case of white gold, processed in a special way, is designed in such a way that there is no face! A chic combination with absolutely black diamonds gives the model a magical, enchanting perfection. Amazing lines of the body are worked in such a way that the cut becomes invisible. Of course, these are not the most expensive watches in the world - their price is "only" one million dollars, but really unusual, attractive looks.

This description can be continued for a long time, but further, as you understand, the bill will go no longer to millions of dollars, but a little less, which does not fit into the concept of "the most expensive."