Caps with a veil by one's own hands: description, models, combination and reviews

Caps with a veil is a trend that combinesincongruous. And after all such things often become fashionable hits. Careless, slightly boyish and hooligan's cap, and an elegant, feminine mesh on his face - this is an unusual, daring mix that instantly attracts the eye.

The origins of the trend

Jill Sander is a German designer whooften called the "queen of minimalism." She created her own fashion house, where many talented fashion designers work under her guidance. One of them is Briton Stephen Jones, who is famous for his non-trivial headdresses. In September 2011, at the fashion show Jill Sander "Spring - Summer 2012" he introduced women's hats with a veil.

hats with a veil

An interesting idea immediately took root and becamepopular with celebrities. Riana, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Sandara Park, Dita von Teese - many style icons began wearing veiled hats, and this trend was picked up by fashionistas around the world.

Stylistics of the show was held in the spirit of the 60's, and the novelty was also created under their influence.

hat with a veil

Return to the past

Now you do not need to wait for a special social event orWeddings to be able to wear a veil. This feminine accessory is fashionable to wear in everyday life. A thin transparent fabric gives an image of mystery, creates the illusion of a barrier between its bearer and the surrounding world. But all that is hidden, only inflames curiosity and prompts to reveal the secret, no matter what it costs. In order to exude the aura of seduction and sensuality, it is not necessary to wear frank clothes, properly selected accessories place accents, without going beyond decorum.

hats with a veil

Fashionable variations

The first hats with a veil were issued inclassic colors - black and white, and their base was the hat-bini - elongated form, from the knitted fabric to a very small hem. But today experiments with texture and shades have led to the appearance of completely different options for treating this trend. Here's how you can classify hats with a veil:

Classics - a small neat beati, almost on the head, from a smooth dense material. It will be appropriate to look and with a down jacket, and with a jacket.

hats with a veil

A stretched, pointed or dropping hat-veil will decorate any version of this practical accessory. A variety of forms will create different fashionable combinations.

A hat with a pompon (most often fur) is a playful winter version. It certainly will not be cold even in the cold. Sometimes the top of the headdress is decorated with a flirty bow.

hat with a veil

Knitted hat with a veil - a combination of yarn textureand the tenderness of the veil gives a special chic to such products. This is another example of fashionable and comfortable clothing. The color of the yarn and the color of the mesh can contrast with each other.

hat with ears and veil

A hat with ears and a veil is a fashion mix of two trends that successfully complement each other. Its form is different - from the usual soft flowing down to the kettle.

hat with a veil

A hat with a veil and other additional decor - it can be rhinestones, flowers, drawings. An example could be a rather simple and modest hat for every day.

hat with ears and veil

But here you can also include masterpieces from Chanel,made large viscous and decorated with Swarovski crystals, fabric flowers and feathers. If desired, a cap for these reasons is easy to repeat with your own hands.

hat with ears and veil

With what to wear hats with a veil?

What can be simpler and more convenient than knittingheaddress? But with the veil, it is completely transformed. Perhaps the secret to the popularity of hats with a veil (judging from the reviews of customers) is that they can be worn as with very simple, athletic, casual clothes, and with a more feminine and elegant. In addition, the girls especially like the fact that she keeps in place any hairstyle (except, of course, the horse's tail), and can successfully disguise the "day of bad hair" if necessary.

But in itself a knitted hat (though withveil, though without) - this is a simple and minimalistic accessory. Therefore, it blends well with bright eye makeup, false eyelashes or red lipstick. Large catchy earrings will give an image of chic and elegance.

hats with a veil

Caps with a veil can be worn with a variety ofclothing. For example, with a neat dress of a muted coral-red color, it looks very elegant. The same applies to a strict jacket, blouse and bright trousers. However, you should not overload these images with accessories, it is best to limit them to the minimum number and give preference to more concise options.

hat with a veil

And with a black leather jacket, shoes and a bag withrivets, the image turns daring and bold. It can be softened by feminine wardrobe items, in gentle shades and light fabrics, and you can on the contrary make a deliberately coarse look.

hat with a veil
With color versions of hats with a veil it is easy to create bright or romantic outfits. A saturated red or gentle pastel - both options look fashionable and attractive.

hat with a veil

Jeans and multilayered, comfortable clothes are wonderful companions for a cap with a veil. It will fit both in a relaxed urban and in a sporty style.

hat with a veil

Hat with a Veil by Your Own Hands

This fashion accessory is quite simple. This does not require special skills or expensive materials. In addition, it is very profitable. The original from the designer will cost about 300-350 dollars, and a homemade hat can be made for about 10-15 dollars or even cheaper.

You will need:

  • black knitted beanies;
  • Veal net measuring 23 cm x 60 cm (the size can vary depending on the size of the cap);
  • thread in tone and needle;
  • scissors.

Operating procedure

  1. Place the cap on the center of the grid. Leave 7 cm below its edge.
    hat with a veil
  2. The remaining halves of the veil, bend the cap to the center, position the outer cells so that they coincide with each other.
    With a single stitch, attach the mesh to the knitted fabric.
    hat with ears and veil
  3. Then corner the top of the veil, as shown in the photo.
    Secure a pair of stitches in the same place where the edges of the mesh were joined, repeat with the other side.
  4. Grasp the middle of the veil and bend it again.
    women's hats with a veil
  5. Then grab a few stitches from the bottom of the cap.
  6. If necessary, try again to sew the joints of all the layers of the grid.
  7. At this the hat is ready. It remains only to tuck her edge to hide the stitches.
    women's hats with a veil

The veil can be slightly raised or lowered - depending on which image you want to create.