Clothing stores in Moscow: review, description, producers, reviews

In such a metropolis as Moscow, there is alwaysthe ability to look stylish. Because there are a lot of clothing stores. In Moscow, it is easy to find inexpensive casual clothes for all members of the family or a stylish brand for the output, sports or classical, domestic or foreign production.

Shop of men's clothing "Sudar"

Clothing stores in Moscow can be divided intospecialization. They are men's, women's, offering clothes for children. At the address Leningrad avenue, 33a works "Sudar" - a men's clothing store (Moscow). Here, clients are offered to purchase not only a suit. Professional consultants will help to choose a shirt, a tie, and also outerwear. You can get to this store by going to the metro station "Dinamo". The "Sadar" works from nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

clothing stores in moscow

In Moscow, the "Sudar" network operates. The men's clothing store (Moscow) of this network is still at Nametkina Street, 10 p.1 (to go out at the station "New Cheryomushki"). Also on the street Veshnyakovskaya, 20b (metro Vykhino), on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 71 (metro Kuntsevskaya) and in other places are shops Sudar. In each of them, attentive sales consultants will help you find the right size model. In addition, in Sudar, there are regular sales and various actions. Inside the network there is a flexible system of discounts.

Reviews about shops "Sudar"

About all the shops of "Sudar" reviews onlypositive. They have words of gratitude to consultants for the speed and quality of service, just praise the network as a whole for a stylish quality fashionable goods and a large assortment. Still customers are satisfied with the prices. They say that a good suit can be bought here at a price of 5 to 16 thousand rubles.

sir menswear store

Also bribes the many closeness of shops tometro stations and public transport stops. This allows you not to spend a lot of time on the road. Still, buyers praise the chain of stores "Sudar" for the guarantee provided for the product, a responsible approach to work and a pleasant attitude towards clients, which is expressed in the presence of convenient fitting rooms, as well as in polite and helpful treatment of buyers and their attendants.

Other menswear shops

The chain of stores "Sudar" is not the only place inMoscow, where men can update their wardrobe. In the capital of the Russian Federation, there are still quite a large number of big and small stores selling men's clothing. For example, not so long ago, opened stores of brands Tom Ford, Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion, Lanvin, where you can buy designer clothes. Also work Preppy Store and Belief, offering clothing in the style of kazhual. These clothing stores in Moscow have the following addresses:

  • Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion - Nikitsky Boulevard, 25.
  • Tom Ford - Tretyakovsky Prospect, 4, Petrovka Str., 2 and Kutuzovsky Avenue, 31.
  • Lanvin - Tretyakovsky pr-d, 4.
  • Preppy Store - Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya street, 36/4, building 2, design plant "Flacon", entrance 4.
  • Belief - Christmas Boulevard, 5/7 - 36.

menswear store
In all, excellent service and high quality goods.

Shop Code 7

Code 7 - men's clothing store (Moscow, Bolotnayanab., 5, page 1), where you can always find exclusive things. Of course, for the quality it is necessary and expensive to pay. However, this issue was decided in the store. Quite often, sales are arranged. Huge discounts are offered on things from past collections. Therefore, to buy an inexpensive stylish jacket from Lavenham or jeans from Cheap Monday, you only need to wait a bit.

In the show room, Code7 can not only be beautiful and stylishdress, but also to understand the youth fashion, having received exhaustive information about the history of all brands, whose products are put up for sale. Manufacturers are in Europe and America, so you should not worry about quality.

Code7 - a store that does not set a goaljust sell. He seeks to instill a taste for the audience, to teach them how to choose the wardrobe correctly. Men who want to meet modern fashion trends and wear quality clothes will not be disappointed by visiting this show room.

Baby clothes

There are also clothing stores in Moscow, where you canbuy children's clothing. There are quite a few of them. Widely known are Olant, Magic of Childhood, Stylish Babes, Little Lady, Beba Kids, Hooray, Children, Tender Age, Comfort in a Cube, Erman, Torms, Shkolnik "," Knitwear ", etc. These children's clothing stores in Moscow offer kids and their parents high-quality inexpensive or stylish branded things.

children's clothing stores in moscow

Children's clothing stores differ not only in terms ofthe quality of the proposed product and its price. They can also be differentiated by age. For example, the store "Olant" sells clothes for newborns and children up to three years. But "Stylish Babes" is aimed at boys-schoolchildren, who want to keep up with fashion and look as stylish as their parents. There are also universal children's clothing stores in Moscow. So, "Magic of Childhood" has in stock clothes of Italian production for girls and boys from 0 to 16 years. In this store you can fully choose a wardrobe for any time of year and for all occasions. But the "Little Lady" offers designer clothes for girls-schoolgirls.

Parents really like all these stores. Often in the reviews you can find words of praise for staff for a good, friendly treatment of children, professionalism in service. Pleases children and parents with quality of the goods and cost.


Of course, there are also clothing stores in Moscow, whichspecialize exclusively in leather and fur products, sheepskin coats. Especially popular are Elena Furs, Alef, The World of Skin and Fur, The Snow Queen, 1001 Jackets, the commission shop Vorontsovo and others.

Moscow outer clothing store

The address where the "World of Skin and Fur" is located(outerwear store) - Moscow, Sokolnicheskaya Square, 4. He works from ten in the morning to ten in the evening without a weekend. Also, the store "The World of Skin and Fur" is on Kashirskoye Highway 14. The "Snow Queen" welcomes customers every day from nine in the morning to ten in the evening at: Moscow, ul. Vavilov, 3. At the Komsomolskaya Square, 6 from 10 am to 10 pm, the doors of Elena Furs are open. This is another outerwear store.

Moscow can boast of having not onlyexpensive boutiques where you can buy fur and coats from the world's producers at a high price, but also an abundance of commissions of inexpensive shops where everyone can afford to buy inexpensive outerwear. Customers are always happy to see from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday in "Vorontsovo" at ul. Novatorov, 16, building 1. Buyers praise this commission for reasonable prices and responsible attitude to work. People like and take unnecessary things into it, and acquire something new. You can also buy inexpensive outerwear on Vavilov Street, 13a (Kupechesky Shop) and Paveletskaya Square, 1 ("Paveletskaya Commission").

clothing stores in Moscow addresses

High-quality Finnish clothes

Shops in Moscow offer residents and guestscity ​​clothes of Scandinavian quality. Buyers especially like the "Finnish House of Clothes". Here you can find things for all family members in any weather. The store offers jackets, raincoats, down jackets, coats, children's overalls, hats, overalls, children's sets, knitwear, dresses, skirts and various accessories.

Customers praise the "Finnish House of Clothes" for convenientthe schedule of work (without breaks and days off) and at reasonable prices. In addition, the quality of the goods does not leave indifferent. The store works only with those Finnish manufacturers who supply fashionable and comfortable things and have proved themselves well. Also, buyers respond well about consultants. They say that they are very polite and experienced and always take into account the client's preferences and capabilities.

Finnish clothing stores in Moscow

Very praised for the low prices, greatassortment and excellent service store «TROLLS Clothes from Scandinavia» (TC «Konkovo ​​Passage», Profsoyuznaya street, 126). This is another place where Finnish clothing is sold.

Shops in Moscow - shopaholic paradise

Capital stores are always glad to their customers. Each of the above is worthy of attention. Everything depends on the preferences: do warm clothes or knitwear for spring-summer, male or female, maybe you want to dress a child, you need an expensive brand or with a markdown, or maybe from a commission store. One way or another, Moscow always has plenty to choose from.