How to wear pantyhose with an imitation of boots?

The size of pantyhose is a concept enough"Stretchable" in a market economy. We can say that how many producers, so many size grids. But there are some common features. For example, products of such manufacturers as "Golden Lady", "Omsa", "Arva" possess a uniform system of measures. Their tights are designed for women with a height of 145 cm, weight from 40 kg and clothing size 38 (number 1) to women with a height of up to 190 cm and weighing up to 100 kg with 54 sizes of clothes (pantyhose number 5).

Pantyhose with imitation of boots

There are firms whose sizes of pantyhose fitpractically to all. This, for example, the company "Grace", which produces the first number on the hip circumference from 92 cm with an increase of 145 cm, and the sixth number of tights for girth of 132 centimeters with growth up to 190 centimeters. The rest of the firms, mostly foreign ones, can not boast of such a gradation of the model range in our country.

Pantyhose with imitation of jackboots appeared in Russiaonly with the arrival of a market economy. Prior to this, aerobics lovers wore high socks for training in this sport. Those products were homemade, woolen and, as a rule, in a horizontal strip or with a pattern in the form of "braids".

sizes of pantyhose

Pantyhose with imitation of boots is good because withwith various additions they create different images. For example, with a mini-skirt, a tunic - it's a sexy image, with a high cut - a hint of stockings, and with classics - just an elegant look, depending on what style the bottom is made. Here, there may be lace, more dense material, holes, patterns, bows, lines, contrasting or harmonizing with the top color, etc. Sometimes a line in the form of "ears" is attached to the dividing line, and an animal's muzzle is sewn on the product. If you put on tights with an imitation of boots and a short skirt, then it is desirable to complement them with high-heeled shoes in the tone of the lower part of the tights. Those. To models of black color it is necessary to pick up dark shoes that will visually extend the legs. Contrast shoes, on the contrary, will further "share" the foot, reducing grace. Optimal will be the studs, because shoes without a heel "simplifies" this rather extreme image.

size of pantyhose

The combination of suchmodels with pants. Pantyhose with imitation of boots, short jacket and shorts is a possible set for a party, a party, a night club or a date, with a good figure. But for work or a business meeting in this form, it is forbidden to appear. this goes against the rules of etiquette. In any case, you need to remember that if you have such an accessory, the rest of the outfit should be simple enough that it will allow you to make the right accent and attract the attention of others.

Pantyhose with imitation of boots isA practical product, because the lower part of them is strong enough. Especially it concerns models from a dense material. They can safely enter public transport without fear of breaking about the package next to a standing passenger. In addition, these things can be worn in cool weather, because they better protect their feet from the cold than ordinary thin pantyhose.