Denim shirts: photo with what to wear

Denim shirts do not go out of fashion anymore.first decade. For this thing, there is always a place in the women's and men's wardrobe. It can serve as one of the basic elements for creating a comfortable and stylish ensemble. It remains only to figure out what to wear it with.

Jeans Shirts: Models

What models are available for modern women of fashion? What can be denim shirts? A list of options is given below.

women's denim shirts
  • Classic. Indigo model with long sleeves and two breast pockets with button buttons.
  • Short sleeve. Shirt of denim with cut or short sleeves. The product is popular in the warm season.
  • Custom color. A model made from denim fabric of any shade. The greatest demand is for white and black shirts.
  • The "Gradient" effect. Such denim shirts should be present in the wardrobe of every stylish woman. The effect is a smooth transition from color to color.
  • Combination of tissues. The combination of denim with knitwear, leather, fabric with print, lace. The size of inserts varies from small to impressive, and their number is limited only by the imagination of the fashion designer.
  • Decor. Shirts are decorated with lace, beads, paillettes, stripes, chains and so on.
  • Cut out fragments. Shirts of the classic cut, exposing the back, shoulders and so on. They are chosen by girls who like to shock the crowd.
  • Elongated and shortened denim shirts.

Color combinations

Light denim is perfectly combined with pastelgamma, and with contrasting colors (dark blue, black). The color of indigo harmonizes with any color, so this option is considered universal. The most spectacular is his tandem with a black, silver, golden tone. If the shirt is made in non-traditional tones, when composing a set, it is necessary to be guided by the rules of color compatibility.

some kits with denim shirts

Light denim shirt is useful for women with fashionthe creation of romantic and gentle images. Combine it is with products made in pastel or white tones. It can be pants, skirt, T-shirt, top, dress. Also, a shirt can become part of an office or casual outfit.

Dark denim shirt is most suitable forthe creation of restrained and formal ensembles. In the office it can be worn only in the event that a strict dress code is not provided for by the company's policy. But the product fits perfectly into everyday images.

With skirt

With what to wear a denim shirt? Combining it with a skirt, it's easy to create a romantic and flirty image. To the services of women of fashion items of various styles: "sun", "pencil", "tulip", "pleated". The shirt will look good with both long and short skirts. When composing a tandem, it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure, the season and the weather outside the window, as well as personal preferences.

denim shirt with skirt

Stopping on a long skirt, it is not necessaryfill it with a shirt. Better carelessly tie the ends at the waist. In the ultra-short skirts of the shirt must be refueled. When composing such a set, it is better to give preference to a shorter shirt model.

Strict requirements for the material of the skirt are absent. The product can be made of leather, silk, chiffon, knitwear, cotton.

With shorts

Every stylish girl knows that a womanJeans shirt is perfectly combined with shorts. Bottom, made of elegant fabric (satin, leather, lace, and so on), will effectively look with a denim shirt.

with what to wear denim shirts

The most popular is the kit, inwhich includes a denim shirt and white shorts. You can stay on the model, decorated with floral prints. The light top fits perfectly with the blue or dark brown bottom. An informal image is easy to create by combining a light shirt and lemon or purple shorts. Black top can also be supplemented with a bright bottom with a floral print.

With trousers

Using a shirt from denim is easy to transformits office image. Such a product can be worn with classic trousers of pastel shades. If the colors of the top and bottom completely coincide, it is necessary to add an accessory made in a brighter color. This will help balance the outfit. As an alternative to strict pants, you can use more coquettish models. This will help create a bright everyday image.

stylish denim shirts

Indigo shirt and black trousers - set,which must be present in the wardrobe of each of the fair sex. What are the requirements for the bottom? Pants can be shortened or of usual length, skinny or straight, flared or with a high fit. Welcome models with floral print in tandem with a light denim shirt.

The long denim shirt fits perfectly with the trousers. It can be filled or worn out.

Denim set

A kit that combines things fromdenim, will never lose its relevance. The shirt can be combined with jeans, overalls. Various experiments with color gamut are allowed. Products can be loose or tight. It all depends on the girl's preferences.

With sweaters and cardigans

Cloudy or cool weather makes itsadjustments in the female image. Combining a warm sweater and a denim shirt, you can get an original and trendy layering. Complete the creation of the image will help modern accessories.

multilayer kits with denim shirts

The choice of colors depends on whetherthe goal of creating a strict, or an everyday ensemble. For example, combining a light denim shirt with a sweater and trousers in pastel colors, you can get an elegant set for the office.

With feminine dresses, T-shirts, tops

With what to wear a women's denim shirt? Such a top will look great in tandem with demi-season or summer dresses of free cut. Also, a denim shirt can be safely combined with dense sarafans. Such kits are an ideal choice for women with a slender figure. The dress can be supplemented with a thin strap of contrasting color.

How else can you achieve a fashionable layering? To do this, throw a shirt of denim on top of a top or T-shirt. As the bottom, you can choose anything you like, focusing on the mood and the weather outside the window. It can be trousers, skirt, shorts.

About Styles

Jeans shirts, photos of which can be seen in the article, organically fit into a variety of styles.

with what to wear a women's denim shirt
  • Country. A denim shirt can be thrown over a dress made of airy fabric. Of the shoes is to give preference to the model on a thick heel. Finish the image will help pendants, earrings, rings in ethnic style.
  • Rock. By combining a denim shirt with leather leggings or black skinny, you can dress in this style. Also, rough shoes or shoes with a high heel, bulky wristbands and necklaces are needed.
  • Street style. A shirt of denim is allowed to be combined with any style trousers, skirts of any length. From shoes preference is given to convenient models. The main colors should not be more than three.

Choice of accessories

Making up a kit, in which jeansproducts, we must not forget about accessories. Denim looks great in tandem with bright scarves and scarves. You can also use metal jewelry, elegant leather straps.


In the wardrobe of representatives of the stronger sex productsfrom denim also has a place of honor. In such a shirt, you can go to a business meeting and a date, put it in the office and for a walk. With what to wear a men's denim shirt?

Of course, such a top can be safely combined withtrousers. A discreet and accurate image will help create a tucked shirt. If you put the product on the release, you can go in this outfit for a walk or a party.

The shirt can be worn with jeans. With a dark bottom it is recommended to combine a light top, and vice versa. If the jeans and shirt match in tone, the image must be supplemented with bright accessories. A light shirt with rolled up sleeves will look great with informal trousers of the "chinos" type. By the way, it is allowed to twist the pants slightly.

Owners of slender legs can be recommendedwear jeans shirts with shorts. The length of the sleeve should correspond with the length of the legs (the shorter the bottom, the shorter the sleeve). You can put a sweater or pullover on top of the shirt, but do not choose too tight models. In cold weather, a leather jacket of the "pilot" type will become a salvation, other leather products are also welcome. You can also put a jacket over your shirt. Best in this case will look informal models. Having preferred a cardigan, it is worth wearing it unbuttoned.

Which shoes to choose? Keds, moccasins, shoes, sneakers - the decision depends on what image is planned. The most preferable accessories are bracelets, belts, suspenders.