Products from Swarovski company: a stone for elite decoration

Swarovski is a brand name that evokes passionatesighs of women of fashion, lovers of both bright elite jewelry, and costume jewelry is simpler. A magnificent imitation of diamonds made it possible to flaunt many of them on secular parties in necklaces and necklaces of purest water, sparkle with rings and diadems. And even a small modest ring with a small pebble can touch the heart with the grace of execution, the glitter and the overflow of light in many facets, the perfection of the finish.

A bit of history

Swarovski stone
Original products Swarovski - stone,processed in a special way and, thanks to this, outwardly very similar to real diamonds. Swarovski rhinestones - so it sounds more precisely the name of the ennobled pieces of crystal, from which they are made. The founder of the current concern, located in Austria, was an engineer-inventor, jeweler Daniel. In the distant 1892 he developed a machine for cutting, breaking and polishing glass and rock crystal, which had previously been handled. In those days, each Swarovski (stone) was decorated with a special brand-emblem in order to confirm the originality of the product - the flower of the edelweiss. Subsequently, when a small production grew into a solid company, the edelweiss was replaced by a swan silhouette. In addition to crystal, the specialists of the corporation process natural gems, artificial precious crystals, and also produce rhinestones from cubic zirconia. The main quality characteristic, which meets any real, from Swarovski, stone, is: 35% lead oxide and special spraying, giving the most fantastic diamond shine, for which the product is so highly valued. At present, in addition to costume jewelery, the company produces precise optical techniques, as well as abrasive and cutting materials. In addition, from the crystal in factories produce exclusive sculptures, chandeliers and other lighting devices, pendants and beads for designer needs, etc. To date, the brand "Swarovski stone" sounds like Swarovski Elements.

Elite jewelry and other costume jewelery

rings with Swarovski stones
Rings with Swarovski stones are a perfect giftherself or a sign of love and affection from the opposite sex. The richness and variety of the assortment is such that you can choose a product not only of almost any size, but also of a variety of shapes, design, color and cut. Many Swarovski crystals have original light effects thanks to the coatings imitating the iridescent shine and the shimmering of the northern lights. Another exclusive "special effect" - a metallic shine, silver, attached to the stones. What else can hit ornaments with Swarovski stones, so this is the number of faces (the more of them, the stronger the sparkle) and the alternation of faceted strips of different sizes. Thanks to the new technology, the reflected light streams are distributed evenly over the surface of the crystals, which increases their brilliance and game. In addition to artificial and synthetic jewelry, Swarovski performs finishing of natural gems: sapphires, topazes, amethysts, etc.
decorations with Swarovski stones

Each product, be it everyday jewelry or real stones, is always stylish and fashionable, is distinguished by its fineness, excellent taste, elegance and luxury.