How to determine the size of socks? Table to help you

Many people are interested in the question of how to determine the dimensionssocks. Is there any system or is it enough to estimate the size of socks "by eye"? Could be so. But not always the second method will help you make the right choice. In addition, in virtually every online store selling knitwear, you need to somehow determine the size of socks. A table of sizes in this will help you figure it out. It turns out that in reality far from everyone can imagine what exactly the numbers indicated in it mean.

sizes of socks table

How to determine the size of socks

Buy this product - it's simple enough. Determine the size of socks table or specified on the packaging indicators will help you in this, namely: how much a knitted product will suit you. It would seem that there may not be suitable? But too often there is a problem of unsuccessful purchase, as a result - socks or press, or, on the contrary, constantly slide down.

When choosing, it should be taken into account that eachthe manufacturer has its own nuances, some indicate such sizes of socks, a table about which all the same about anything can not say. Here, the whole thing in the allowance for the size and property of the product is to stretch. If the second factor can still be determined by the composition of the material, then the first can only be learned from personal experience.

Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to circle your leg with a pencil, putting it on a piece of cardboard, and using a ruler to measure the length of the painted foot.

Sizes of socks table

Once the foot size is measured, you candetermine the size of socks, the table will help you with this. With the sizes from the table it is better to familiarize before a campaign even in usual shop where it is possible to touch a product, and especially before purchase in Internet shop.

how to determine the size of socks

There are tables of children's and adult sizes. If you buy a product for a child and you need to determine the size of children's socks, the table is needed with small dimensions.

And follow one more advice: it is better not to buy many socks from one manufacturer at once. Buy one pair or a small lot, since there is a need for it. And only after you get to know the product closely, do more serious purchases.