How and what to wear with a long pleated skirt

At all times, the skirt was a favorite subjectwardrobe very many women. Of course, it is the skirt that helps to emphasize femininity, make us more elegant, and the image is more refined.

what to wear with a long pleated skirt

Many girls prefer option"Mini", but the ladies who appreciate, above all, elegance, more like "midi" and "maxi." But with what to wear a long skirt? There can be many answers. It all depends on the material from which the thing is sewn, from the drawings to the fabric, from the style. As for the latter, today plisse in favor with designers and women of fashion. It is about them that we will talk.

What to wear with a long pleated skirt

In fact, the options can be mass. Very much depends on your type of figure. However, with one of the drawbacks of the plisse already cope with a bang. Speech about wide hips. Girls with this type of figure who are wondering what to wear with a long pleated skirt, you need to remember how important it is to add a little bit of volume to the area of ​​the shoulders. Given that the folds on the skirt - this is a fairly powerful accent, you should adhere to aesthetic balance. Choose a jacket without rhinestones, neutral color, but with lining on the shoulders.

If you do not have a figure or almost no problems (that is, it is proportional), choose the top of your taste.

with what to wear a long skirt in summer
With what to wear a long skirt in the summer?

If the street is not too hot, safely put onlight shirts. They should be a simple cut, without ruches and flounces. It is unacceptable for the fabric to be patterned with a strip. And small images, flowers for example, almost always look harmonious and playful.

Critically looking around his wardrobe and thinking about what to wear with a long pleated skirt, focus on the T-shirts with thin straps or so-called wrestling.

Remember that the skirt should not be the same color as the top. But one color scheme - please.

As for shoes, everything is simple: the main thing that it was romantic, easy, elegant. Sneakers and sneakers in this case, few people will do. But the sandals with thin straps, high-heeled shoes, boats, clogs, platform shoes, sandals - it all looks great with the plisse. Pay attention, however, to the fact that preference is best given to massive heels.

What to wear with a long pleated skirt when the cold comes?

In the early fall to experiment even more interesting. For example, designers all over the world agree that voluminous knitted cardigans and sweaters look great with pleated skirts. Both large and fine knitting are permissible. The top can be with or without a neck.

what to wear a long skirt
Just do not forget that if a thing is reallyvolume, it is better to use the strap to emphasize the waist. If you are slender, a narrow belt will do. And if there are extra pounds, resort to the help of a wide.

With a pleated skirt in the cold season, the best look is ankle boots.


The pleated skirt is already a very noticeable accent inimage. Therefore, choose one thing between rings, earrings, bracelets and beads with pendants. As for bags, the stylists advise to buy a small clutch of a different color from the skirt.

In addition, the plisse goes well with hats. In the summer - with broad-brim straw, and in the cold season - with felt.

These are the basic rules for combining a pleated skirt with other things.