What to wear with a white skirt in the summer?

White color is always associated with tenderness andcleanliness. A hot sunny summer it looks great, and one of the main advantages of it is its amazing compatibility with any other color and shade, because white is one of the most universal colors. White blouses and skirts always look spectacular, attracting a lot of views of others. You decided on such a purchase, but do not know what to combine it with? Do not despair, let's try to find out first what to wear with a white skirt.

what to wear with a white skirt

Let's take a closer look at short models

Young girls are often chosen forhot summer a short skirt that perfectly demonstrates the dignity of the figure of the owners of the fair sex. And if you also wear a light light blouse and white sandals on his heel with her, enthusiastic looks of passers-by are guaranteed to you. In such clothes you can safely go to a restaurant or cafe, or even visit your beloved girlfriend. It's hard for you to decide what to wear with a white skirt to work? Just pick a milky jacket for her, and you'll get an elegant business suit. The theme of the sea is quite fashionable now. Modern girls wear clothes in this style for the second consecutive season and look amazing! What to wear with a white skirt for every day? Top in blue stripes and ballet flats. In shoes, you can adhere to a single color, so as not to overload the image as a whole. For the evening dress, you can replace the top with a red strip and put on sandals on a high wedge.

white blouses and skirts
Pencil skirt

This model looks always elegant and withso very sexy. What to wear with a white skirt of this style? Perfectly suits a red blouse. Do you need to dress for office work? Then put on a light jacket and complement the image with bright red accessories.

Folds, folds ...

At the peak of popularity there are pleated skirts- they create a surprisingly summer image. Having thrown a beige, blue or coffee jacket, you can safely go to work. The outfit "White Skirt + Bright Satin Top" is perfect for a party.

Flying Models

White lace skirts are goodpopularity this season. In them, any girl will look gentle and romantic. Favorable will look bright blouses - they are able to create an elegant image. Airy and easily looks like a long skirt in the summer, but what to wear with a white skirt maxi? Yes, very much! It is quite universal: you can safely go to work or to walk with your beloved girlfriends. In the office you can wear a light jacket and a light shirt.

with what to wear a white skirt
Try experimenting with coffee orBeige shades, but this is on one condition - the skirt should be snow-white. Pick up accessories that will blend in with the top of your outfit. Sandals can be chosen both on the heel and on the wedge - it depends on your own preferences. Supplement your image with bright accessories - and you'll look stunning on a hot day.

There are many models of skirts for roastssummer. They can be worn for any occasion, the main thing is to correctly choose the upper part of the ensemble. And we have already learned how to do this. Do not you have a white skirt yet? Then do not hesitate, go for a purchase right now!