Balonovye trousers - ideal clothes for a cold season

Bologna fabric, or bologna, was invented yetin the XX century, the inhabitants of the Italian province of Bologna, whose name it still bears. The local rainy climate contributed to the appearance of the material. This kapron raincoat is covered with a waterproof layer on one side. Bologna residents used to protect themselves from getting wet during frequent rains. From this tissue, the very first umbrellas were made. Now from Bologna sew a lot of things - raincoats, jackets, overalls and much more. And in our 21st century, ballet pants made of this fabric became very popular, popular and fashionable. Let's see what pants are like and when they should be worn.

Ideal for winter and autumn

balonovye trousers

Comfortable and practical balon pants are good foroff-season, when the street is constantly wet rain or wet snow. They practically do not let the moisture in, and in them the person will remain dry in any bad weather. Warm models of bolognese trousers with fleece lining or with sintepon should be worn in winter frosty days, going for a walk in the woods, park or just with the children on the playground. In these pants, you can easily ski, skate, snowballs, ice caps and sledges. In this case, a person not only gets a lot of fun from walking, entertainment and outdoor games, but he does not face a cold. People who are actively involved in physical culture and sports and move a lot, know that balonovye pants are not only great for street jogging and training in the gym. They also actively contribute to burning excess fat and losing weight, creating the effect of a sauna, which, of course, will interest women.

women's trousers

Variations for women

Usually balonovye pants have a classicdirect tailoring. However, in sports models, a wide elastic band is inserted into the belt, so that the trousers do not constrain movements during training. Winter variants of bologna trousers can have special velcro fasteners on the bottom of the trousers to put them on just warm or ski boots. It is very popular at the moment such a model, as the balony pants for pregnant women. They keep the heat very well, their feet do not get wet and remain dry throughout the time they are on the street, which is very important for the health of the future mother. In the belt of these pants are sewn special elastic inserts.

For a long time, balonovye trousers were perceived inmainly as an item that should be part of a purely children's wardrobe. However, recently, many adults began to show genuine interest in them. This can be explained by the fact that for most people who lead an active lifestyle and spend considerable time in the fresh air, regardless of the season, such balonovye trousers have become a real find. In these trousers you can ski or snowmobile, just go for a walk with the child in the snow, without worrying about that you can freeze and get sick. To the positive qualities of products made of Bologna fabric can be attributed not only that they are very warm, but also that they can not get wet.

balony pants for girls

Children's clothing

Balonovye trousers for girls and boys isexcellent clothes for raw, cool or snowy weather, as these things are made of waterproof material and insulated with a synthetic filler or a fleece lining. They are a salvation for the parents, because they are fond of lying about in the snow, running around in puddles and doing many other things, from which they would normally be wet from head to toe in five minutes.

Men's trousers

men's trousers

Men's trousers can be in the form ofordinary trousers, and with removable straps or in the form of overalls. They are convenient to go fishing or hunting, to do a lot of things in the garden, to ride with the children from the slides, to take a morning run and much, much more.

With what to wear girls pants?

Balonovye pants for women are recommended to be worn withshoes without heels. These can be shoes, sneakers, boots, boots, dummies or ugg boots. For warmed balonovyh pants is perfect short outerwear - sports jackets, down jackets, sheepskin coats or sheepskin coats. If the woman's wardrobe contains warmed pants, then you should not wear them with a long coat. So these sports style trousers will look ridiculous. Therefore, wear them best with a short warm jacket.