Summer trousers: the icon of manly femininity

Many years ago, when wearing anything other thanwomen's dresses were forbidden, often everyday life turned into a real hell. After all, in a skirt, as is known, you can not climb over a fence. And when, at the peak of her popularity, Marlene Dietrich, adored by all, went on the set for the first time in the men's trouser suit, it became clear to everyone immediately: from now on, the popularization of trousers among women will take place.

Women's pants in the twentieth century were considered a symbolequality and freedom of the fair sex. In addition, they became an integral part of the wardrobe of every self-respecting feminist. And even though the girls have long since achieved the desired, summer pants and classic suits are still the most practical and comfortable things.

Summer pants: get ready for the experiments

Famous designers, together with talented newcomerscall the ladies from all over the world to ... experiments. Yes, the masters of their business give absolute freedom of choice for girls in the summer of 2013. Despite this, most fashion houses still released their collection of trendy light things, among which there are summer pants. And this is not surprising.

It should be said that summer pants in whatever thatshould be light and airy. It is very important to choose a model made of breathable fabrics. In addition, in any case, one should not give preference to trousers, jeans and elk "in the form", since in the summer it can be too stuffy in them.

From the fabric, fashion masters offer silk to girls,satin, linen and cotton. They best pass air and look more expensive than other materials. However, they quickly crumple, which should also be taken into account when choosing a model. Whatever it was, designers recommend to forget about the word "synthetics" and try to reduce the number of things in which the percentage of artificial fibers is above the average.

Summer men's pants - simplicity and restraint

The most actual color can be called white. This choice can be explained by the fact that white color is ideal for almost all types of figures. The downside of such summer things is that they are easily dirty, and most often stains are difficult to wash.

Unlike female, summer men's pantsare characterized by simplicity and restraint. Advantage is given to light tones. These are, first of all, beige, brown and gray shades. As you know, men rarely hold white things in their wardrobes, so the designer lines of men's trousers emphasize the classical restraint inherent in the things of the stronger sex.

Pants summer skirts - hit of the season

Summer pants in 2012 do not have a specialstylistic orientation. In one model can be mixed several style features and designer raisins. However, most things are created with a bias in retro. These are models with high waist, with arrows, trousers-flared trousers and trousers-skirts.

A separate fashionable pedestal is occupied by skirt pantsyear-olds. They are very popular. With the help of visual blend and colorful colors, summer trousers of this cut become visually similar to skirts. There are dozens of original models of different length and cut.