Leather pants are back in fashion

Most recently, about ten years ago,Leather pants sought every self-respecting mod (or fashionista). At that time, trousers of black and brown colors were popular. In the early 1980s, this wardrobe was very common in America, especially among the rebels.

Leather pants

Back in fashion

Today we can say with certainty that leatherpants, male and female, with triumphs conquer the fashion podiums. Leading world designers actively use this element of clothing in their collections. But this time the traditional black and brown pants replace the models of bright colors: yellow, red, orange, blue. Not only courageous and daring girls with a model figure can afford to wear such trousers, but also all who want to create an extraordinary and eccentric image. The main thing is to choose a style and determine the rest of the outfit: the upper part of the kit, shoes, accessories. Leather products can be combined with both a strict business suit and smart fur inserts. Adherents of a calm style no one forbids wearing classic black leather pants.

In the new season, the trend is not only genuine leather, but also artificial. Fashion designers have shown such tolerance in relation to the consumer because of its low price.

Men's Leather Pants

How to choose the right one?

First of all, women's and men's leather pantsshould comfortably fit your legs. In this case, there should be space in the area of ​​the hips and knees. Moto equipment requires the presence of protective inserts on the knees of the trousers and a firm belt. As bikers say, leather pants should be chosen so that it was convenient to be in a position sitting on a motorcycle. Simply put, do not buy pants made of leather that sit on you back to back.

Fashion trousers made of leather do not differ from jeans andtissue. Among the leather pants you can find both classic models, and wide, and narrowed. Quite spectacular on a slender tall girl will look elk. The length of the pants also does not matter. Today, the trend is elongated and shortened models. Huge popularity, in addition to leather pants, and have shorts of this material.

Leather pants for men

With what to wear?

Classic models of such pants look perfectwith a leather jacket-leather jacket. This set of clothes has been popular for many years and is a uniform of rockers and bikers. Do not focus on this outfit, since it is not suitable for every girl. Black leather pants are perfectly matched with a classic white blouse or shirt. With them, you can put on a pullover, poncho, sweater or a turtleneck.

For leather pants, a waistcoatnatural or artificial fur. To create a romantic image, you can take a translucent blouse, and going to a party - a bright decollete sweater with sparkles. If your choice fell on the bright leather pants, then as the upper part of the ensemble, a white T-shirt or T-shirt with a catchy pattern is suitable.

With leather trousers you can wear high boots, sport sneakers, shoes or high-heeled sandals. Accessories should be selected, considering not only trousers, but also the created image.