A worthy alternative: khaki trousers are pushing out jeans!

Modern fashion every day dictates newregulations. And every person who is following his style should be aware of new trends and trends. In this season, the khaki trousers quickly burst into the wardrobe of the mods, making a worthy competition for the usual jeans. What is the peculiarity of this novelty, what subtleties you need to take into account when choosing such a new thing, let's take a closer look.

khaki trousers

Color khaki - a bit of history

Fashion is known to be cyclical. And what is very important today, with a high probability was fashionable and many years ago. Pants khakis - no exception. They first appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century, and quite by accident.

Authors of such clothes can be rightfully consideredBritish soldiers. Their form at that time was a noble white color - very beautiful, but also extremely impractical. Wanting to observe disguise and be more invisible, the soldiers intentionally stained the white form in the dust. Thus, the pants became less noticeable, but more practical. And the word "khaki" in Urdu language means "color of dust", which reliably conveys this unique shade.

Pants or jeans?

As everyday practical clothes, jeansfirmly hold the leading position. But the khaki trousers are an excellent alternative to them. Male and female models, in addition to practical non-color, are made of natural lightweight denim or heavy cottons.

khaki pants for women

These trousers are not only very comfortable, but also breathable - the natural fabric allows air to flow comfortably, allowing them to be comfortably worn both during the cold and hot season.

In addition, khaki pants, female and male, are suitable for wearing in an office that supports a loyal dress code. While jeans are not welcome in any office.

The color of khaki is very practical and unmarketable. It combines with almost any color of the top and fits into any image, depending on the chosen accessories.

Therefore, the khaki trousers should definitely be in the wardrobe of a stylish person, making an excellent alternative to jeans and trousers.

Who will do?

Color khaki is universal. Pants of this shade can be safely worn by both men and women. Even collections of children's clothing contain khakis.

The shades can vary slightly. The khaki color can be deeper olive, gray, sand or blue.

The most organic pants khaki look in stylecasual. Therefore, to pay attention to them is, first of all, lovers of urban everyday style. However, modern designers offer various variations on the theme of khaki - from informal broad to strict business trousers.

men's khaki trousers

Therefore, each connoisseur of comfortable, comfortable and practical clothes can choose to his liking, and appreciate the advantages of khaki pants.

How to choose?

The universal khaki color is suitable for almost everyone. Just need to pay special attention to choosing a suitable model of trousers, depending on personal preferences and the place of their wearing.

Pants khaki classic cut will be finelook in the everyday image, complemented by a swishshit or a loose shirt. Shoes are also allowed a variety of options: from Oxford to sneakers. You can supplement the image with a bright cardigan or cardigan.

Wide trousers, close to the military style, are more suitable for informal walks or outdoor recreation. They are perfectly combined with different T-shirts, T-shirts and sneakers.

khaki women's pants

It should be extremely accurate, choosingnarrowed pants khaki. The feature of the model, underlined by the color and texture of the fabric, is able to highlight not only the dignity of the figure, but also to multiply existing shortcomings. Therefore, if you have some excess weight in the area of ​​the hips or legs, it is better to give preference to the classic models and choose a profitable top.

Where to buy?

In this season, almost all design houses,producing jeans and denim clothing, have in their collections pants khaki. Female models are characterized by an unusual cut and the presence of a large number of finishes and accessories. Men are more conservative, the accent in collections is made more on the upper part of the image.

You can also find these pants in anybrand jeans shop. Typically, manufacturers represent a whole line of cot-toned clothes in the style of military, along with classic jeans.

To give preference to better known manufacturers: H & M, Dsquared, TopSecret and other similar democratic brands.

narrowed pants khaki

The price for pants khaki in such boutiques will be much lower than in designer exclusive lines, and the quality will be presented at a decent level.

Clothing in the style of the military is no longer popularseason. And it is not going to surrender its position: such things have a lot of advantages. Natural strong fabrics, non-mark practical colors and a wide range of models for every taste create the demand for such clothes.

Successfully picking up your model, you can also evaluate all the advantages of khaki pants. And, perhaps, they will take the same confident position in your wardrobe, like classic jeans.